For the girls & guys

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  • Anti-Christ

    I never left the truth I left a lie.

    I kept some of my suits because their were not very dorky, they can come in handy.

  • bigwilly

    Kept a decent black suit and have replaced the plain shirts with some classier ones. None of them have seen the light of day in several years though. I also got some nice ties, the old tacky ties have only been used as tie downs

  • net1261

    i still have my skirts and meeting clothes. they are hanging in my closet. they are kind of lonely because they are way too conservative for me now.

  • yknot

    Hell I live in rural Texas.....them floral & pastel frocks & prairie skirts are non-denominational!

    Yea and screw Ted.....denim skirts are gonna be found in the KH until the WTS liquidates all Texas properties or Jesus shows up!

  • Mysterious

    Left them at my parents' house and never looked back.

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