Send In The Clowns

by OneFingerSalute 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • _Morpheus
    i didnt want to laugh.... i really didnt.... but those two meme just made me pee myself! the clown one especially....
  • SonoftheTrinity
    Let me count the ways I hate ties. Turtleneck and blazer or blue shirt and blazer are OK for little boys, maybe a bolo tie for regional pride, or even an ascot, but neckties on little boys is where I draw the line of child abuse.
  • Slave4_38y

    Morpheus, this one's for you.

  • Quarterback
    Sounds like Don Cherry visited your congregation. Just google him if you don't know him
  • _Morpheus
    Lol its a good one, but there somethimg priceless about that first clown one.. He has such goodfy expressions in general but that one just killed me
  • Heaven

    Love the clown pics.

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