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  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I love to BBQ, why don't I come over for a visit and give you a hand? by the way make sure you got enough beer I don't work for free!

  • bluesbreaker59

    Use hickory, keep it low and slow, and smoke for at least 4 hours at about 225, that's BBQ.

  • Sway

    Drink heavily and it won't matter what the food tastes like.


  • avishai

    Yeah, lighter fluid is expensive and a pain to use. Chimneys rock. Bluesbreaker has a point. Slow cooked or "smoked" barbecue is great for a ton of stuff. cooking stuff like steaks, over a direct high heat is "grilling".

    There's an author by the name of Steven Raichlen who has some great BBQ cookbooks.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    one thing I do remember is that a BBQ I bought years ago had a grill that looked like an accordion. I never saw one again. I loved it because it spread the heat so evenly I could get an even cook over the entire grill. Has anyone seen one like this?

  • Peppermint

    "By the way, a technical point: these things are really GRILLS, not BBQs. Real BBQ requires "low and slow" cooking with a fire box that is generally not beneath the cooking food."

    " Use hickory, keep it low and slow, and smoke for at least 4 hours at about 225, that's BBQ"

    I see. Here in the UK rightly or wrongly they are all called BBQs

  • avishai

    You CAN slow cook on a typical weber grill with out an offset box. It takes a little practice, but I smoked a brisket for 6 hours in one @ 225 f a couple mo. ago and it turned out great!

  • betteroffdead

    use a chimney starter and a couple pieces of paper dabbed with a little cooking oil and use only natural hard lump charcoal, any "briquette" is full of chemicals and binders and doesn't burn as hot. now you can smoke on a weber but it's no wood fired vertical cabinet smoker. theres lots of information online about smokers and grills i suggest doing some research to find what best fits your needs. sorry if i came off like a know-it-all but i'm EXTREMELY passionate about "bbq". if you want some winning sauce recipes let me know, i'm always happy to spread the info.

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    I've only recently started doing the grill thing but I'm liking it. Only heard of the chimney device a couple of days ago - have to see about acquiring one of those. Anyways, just saying thanks for the tips on here. Tomorrow is looking like a grill day. :)

  • avishai

    Us BBQ fanatics can be pretty dogmatic. I've seen people close to fisticuffs over the whole gas vs. charcoal debate. find what works for YOU!! Except for the chimney part, it's just easier, renewable, and you don't have to by lighter fluid all the time.

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