Looking for help on JW Doctrine on Paradise Earth

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    I had a very similar conversation with my wife earlier in the week. I brought up Rev. 7:9- That the great crowd was standing before the throne and the angels around the throne.- They were at the same place- The discussion did not last long after that but my wife has been trying to straighten this out in her mind. She can't do it without the JW propaganda

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    Awakened at Gilead

    Treadn, try Rev19:1 that'll blow her little JW mind...

    Where the heck are the GC?

  • treadnh2o

    [email protected] I did. The conversation was started with my continued bashing of the fact that JW believe that the ENTIRE chapter of Rev.7:9 is taken in a figurative context except for the 144,000 they claim are anointed. This was just a side note that can not be explained by JW's.

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    The appeal here is an emotional one, not an intellectual one. If she wants to believe in paradise earth, whatever you show her likely won't do much. Even a lot of Christian scholars totally believe in paradise earth.

    Make sure you don't frame the discussion as: either the JWs are right and everyone else is wrong or vice-versa. That would be falling right into the trap the WTS set.

    I think the best you can do on this is to show her the picture is not as simplistic as this. That the WTS is wrong to paint it that way. There are good reasons for other views on this. And the evidence for the WTS position isn't exactly rock-solid. Thus, they can't reasonably bash others for not conforming to their specific teaching. Yet also, that Christianity outside of JWs allows for this belief as well.

    Read the biblicalanswers.net link I provided above.

    There are other topics you can really nail the WTS on, like the great crowd thing.

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