Copy of CO Letter/Outline Regarding Education - In Spanish

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    This site has a copy of the CO outline... in Spanish

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    Awakened at Gilead

    I don't have time to translate this now but I can later on if no one else does....

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    In a nutshell, it mentions 2 situations... one family decides to send their son to college because it is necessary in his field. As long as they don't recommend college to anyone, its OK.

    Another family send their daughter to college far away, since she wants to Make More Money and gain Prestige in this System of Things. And they recommend it to others... that's a big no-no, so that family is not gonna have any privileges!

    My comments (as a recently graduated from college JWD poster): If any JWDer discourages college, I suggest that Simon take away that poster's privileges, lol.

  • insearchoftruth

    Can not wait to see the translation, my wife is a huge college proponent...and now is dabbling in the WTS again

  • daniel-p

    Here it is in PDF: --I tried to OCR it, but it's too poor quality.

  • sir82

    Ya gotta love it.

    The Society picks as its 2 examples, 2 extremes at polar ends of the spectrum, knowing full well that 99.999% of the real-life situations involving "higher education" will fall somewhere in-between.

    As usual, their examples do nothing to clarify the matter, leaving things intentionally murky.

    This will have the (un?) fortunate effect of causing certain BOEs to kick out anyone who in their opinon "advocates" higher education -- they'll say regarding Elder X's son: "he doesn't need those university courses to maintain his employment? [duh - he's 19 years old trying to get a degree] That's the only reason allowed by the letter -- so out you go, Elder X!"

    On an side note - do we have a disgruntled Spanish language CO out there somewhere, or merely an enterprising elder who managed to snag the letter for a time?

    If there is such a CO out there - come on in, the water's fine!

  • cabasilas

    This is newsworthy, IMO. Does someone have contacts with the media?

    Here is an official statement from the WT (officially translated into Spanish) that punishes an elder if he encourages his child in university studies. Angles to hit with the media:

    "First published advice from WT leadership that JW elders are not to encourage their children to pursue university studies."

    "Witness elders risk losing their position if their children seek higher education."

    Now we have the letter to provide to a reporter. If someone has a media contact, provide the letter to them along with a translation (and some background on the subject) and the WT's public relations number. Perhaps it would be good to sketch the change from the 1992(?) position that made higher education a "conscience issue" to the anti-higher education position the Society is now taking.

    Just an idea. I think this could be a good story.

  • digderidoo

    I've been trying to convert it to word, so i can put it through a translator, but having difficulty with my software. Don't know if anyone else can?

    This stuffs dynamite.


  • BurnTheShips

    Some parts I think are noteworthy (it is mostly bah blah blah):

    "What we think about education reveals how much faith we have that Jehovah will care for his servants"

    "Caring for personal and family needs is a secondary objective"

    There is the usual spiel about parents helping their children make educational choices and the oblique question as to whether a brother that goes to college qualifies for spiritual privileges. There is also a part where if parents support a daughter's decision to study "far away" (and publically supports it) then they are putting their loyalty to the Jehovah in doubt. A "don't tell policy" if you will, kind of like what you do if you like it when your wife gives you a blowjob or sits on your face.

    It cites 3 John 3 for this:

    I wrote something to the congregation, but Di·ot´re·phes, who likes to have the first place among them, does not receive anything from us with respect.

    Clearly the insinuation is that these persons do not respect the "faithful and discreet slave" and are seeking prominence for themselves.


  • BurnTheShips

    The blog has some text and commentary, this is an edited machine translation of part:

    " To take care of the needs of the family is a secondary objective". How do we harmonize this with the text that says that " the one that does not provide for their own is worse than a person without faith"? The WTS confuses the circumstances of those that have chosen the preaching work as a vocation, like Paul, Timothy and other Christians with the majority of those that have chosen to have a family. I believe that the one that has those circumstances must give priority to them in their life, along with the spiritual things, keeping the due balance.

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