Resurrection Hope - People in the Future who think they have lived before

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  • Tuesday

    This was my first tough question in my series. I still haven't gotten an answer and the video has been up 2 months and has had nearly 1200 views. Maybe some day right? The best comment I have on it would be to ask

    You survive armageddon, 5 mins into the new system god accidently re-creates you from his memory. Would you be comfortable with then being put to death so only one (the resurrected copy) remains?

    If the timing of these events are altered so they no longer overlap does it make a difference?
  • VM44

    Hi Tuesday,

    Good question.

    Here is another variation of it for people to think about.

    Suppose Jehovah re-created two bodies, each an exact copy of the body of the person who lived in the past.

    Now into each body Jehovah restores the memories and personality of the person who He has kept in his memory.

    Each body is then brought to life, there are now two living persons who would claim to have the identity of the person of old.

    But, which of these two re-creations would be the actual continuation of the person from the past?

    That is, when the person of old was alive, which of the two future ersatzes could he expect to "awaken" within?

  • VM44

    What has The Watchtower been teaching all these years?

    Spiritual food from the Bible? Or the non-Biblical speculations of Charles Taze Russell?

  • Quirky1

    All my life I have always experienced deja vu. So have many other of my family members. It's always made me wonder.

  • VM44

    I hope everyone here knows that any baptised person who continued to raise the questions asked in this thread would soon be disfellowshipped by the elders!

  • Quirky1


  • M.J.

    I was thinking about this a bit.

    A JW might respond to all this by reasoning, "Copy or not, you are assuming that Jehovah, with his unlimited power, can't cause your consciousness to be transferred to one particular new body. Therefore there can be a connection between the old 'you' and the resurrected 'you'."

    But even THAT premise fails because the whole point of the JW argument is that NOTHING of survives the death of the person. "Consciousness" itself might be linked with the notion of a soul...

    This brings to light the fact that the whole JW premise is a NEGATIVE doctrine. Its whole purpose is to disconfirm an existing doctrine, not to lay out an internally coherent explanation in itself.

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