Traveling Overseers (Cars, benefits, etc.)

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  • nbernat

    Our DO was over for dinner last night and he said that the WTS is gonna stop leasing cars to the DO and COs and is gonna use an international company to supply cars to all traveling overseers. I wonder if they'll give them Mercedes now.

    Also he was complaining about how they only get $50 monthly. Where do they get money for gas? I don't see how it's possible to live off of $50.

    Is there some sort of security for traveling overseers? I.e. would it be a good retirement plan?

  • asilentone

    Traveling overseers will get some money from the publishers each time he visit the congregation, they do not have retirement plan.

  • nbernat

    Yes I guess they make around $100 a week. Lol. Or per congregation visit.

    Wow so the WTS kicks them to the curb when they can't serve anymore?? That sounds unlikely.

  • yknot

    I heard Dale Baker was selling his Hyundai-Isuzu but I guess he is getting out of the business if the WTS has got a new supplier. The COs and DOs get money from 'green handshakes'. Overseers are volunteers, subjected to lay offs like any other Bethelite. Here is my suggestion in this world of skyrocketing petrol........(Tata Motors) alt........ Personally this sounds like the WTS is trying to get some DOs and COs to step down........perfect for the 'need' to implement a new cost effective (and legal distancing from mother) arrangement. Boy it would sure be nice if another DO join the forum........God Bless/ Good vibes to Maximus where ever he is tonight! If there are any COs lurking.....we welcome you blows to be eliminated by some suck-up PO.

  • asilentone

    nbernat, My Dad always pay CO $100 each time he visit his congregation, so I would not be surprised if C.O. do get alot more money than you think

  • asilentone

    They also get free food each week

  • jwfacts

    Interesting, if the rumour is true that the role of CO is to be done away with I wonder why they are looking at other lease arrangements.

    In Australia the cars are supplied by Bethel, which recovers the cost by having each congregation donate a monthly amount. Bethel also provides the small monthly payment to the CO/DO. Cost of living for the CO is not high, as they have food and shelter provided. The CO also provides an expense report each week to the congregation to pay for that covers phone, petrol and stationary. On top of this individuals in the congregation occasionally choose to donate to the CO in private. This varies dramatically depending on how rich the congregation is. Someweeks the CO receives nothing, other times it can amount to $100's.

    Overall the CO receives enough money to live comfortably whilst on Circuit work. It is when they stop circuit work that things can be harder, as Bethel does not provide any pension arrangement, so the CO needs to find a job or pension to get back on their feet.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Also he was complaining about how they only get $50 monthly. Where do they get money for gas? I don't see how it's possible to live off of $50.

    Is there some sort of security for traveling overseers? I.e. would it be a good retirement plan?

    They submit their weekly expenses to the congregations they were visiting. The
    cong. will rubber stamp an approval to pay their expenses. They can submit for
    all the gas and virtually everything.

    Don't get me wrong. It's not a way to get rich. But they don't have to pay for their
    own needs while visiting a congregation.

    The only retirement plan or golden parachute for C.O's and D.O's is the one they
    create out of the green handshakes. I knew one C.O. that put half of all the extra
    money donated directly to him into his retirement fund. These guys can make
    a decent side amount out of the green handshakes, but they have to live frugal to
    keep their expenses minimum so the elders will know they will submit small expense
    reports, then they give them the green handshakes of higher amounts.

    I always realized the C.O. who put aside half didn't even need to spend the other half,
    so perhaps others put aside more private donations toward their retirement.

  • truthseeker

    It's possible that the position of D.O. will be kept, there are far less of them than C.O.s.

  • DaCheech

    After the CO finishes his week with the congregation he submits and expense report. I WAS accounts servant, so I saw them all.

    typical expenses are always in the $100 range

    1) gas

    2) personal food needed beyond the "being invited"

    3) haircuts his/hers

    4) drycleaning

    5) misc. stuff like even a newspaper he needs.

    on top of that my Kingdom hall made up of several congregation gives him a FREE apartment, with FREE utilities, with FREE furniture, with FREE ($59 a month) satellite TV

    on top of that the society thru the circuit gives him a FREE lease

    on top of that the society thru the circuit gives him FREE healthcare and FREE insurance.

    green handshakes buys him the rolex and the $600 suits

    and if he's smart he will save 1/2 the green handshakes for when he looses his job.

    yours truly with LOVE, DaCheech

  • DaCheech


    there was a time when the elders would ask me to round UP the $$$ submitted in the expense report to make it look healthier and good for them.

  • blondie

    The CO submits an expense report to the elders shortly at the end of his visit. The elders then draw up a resolution detailing the expenses and the total and read it to the congregation usually at the announcement portion of the next service meeting. After a baptized jw moves and another seconds the motion, the congregation does a hand vote on it. Then the accounts servant reimburses the CO/DO.

    *** km 2/94 p. 2 Question Box ***

    What procedure should be followed when presenting resolutions to the congregation?

    A resolution is required when a decision must be made about important matters such as purchasing property, remodeling or building a Kingdom Hall, sending special contributions to the Society, or caring for the circuit overseer’s expenses. It is usually best to present a resolution for approval each time congregation funds are dispensed.

    As an exception, the congregation might resolve once to contribute a specific amount each month to the Society in addition to what each individual is contributing toward the worldwide preaching work already. Also, normal Kingdom Hall operating expenses, such as utilities and cleaning supplies, do not require a resolution.

    When a need becomes evident, the body of elders should discuss the matter thoroughly. If the majority are in agreement that something needs to be done, one of the elders, perhaps a member of the Congregation Service Committee, should prepare a written resolution for presentation at the Service Meeting.

    The elder acting as chairman should briefly but clearly explain the need that exists and what the body of elders recommends to care for it. The congregation is then given opportunity to ask pertinent questions. If the matter is complicated, it may be best to delay the vote until the next Service Meeting to give everyone time to think about it. The actual vote is taken by a show of hands.

    Voting on the resolution is limited to dedicated and baptized members of the congregation unless legal requirements direct otherwise, as may be the case when corporation matters or Kingdom Hall loans are involved. It would not be appropriate for visitors from other congregations to participate.

    After the resolution has been approved, it should be dated, signed, and placed in the congregation file.

  • AllTimeJeff

    4 years ago, the US branch sent a letter to all CO's saying that they shouldn't be dropping hints about their need for money and trust that Jehovah would take care of them. Now of course, we have these rumors that the CO position will be at least consolidated if not eliminated. I am sure these guys were first to hear the rumors. And yeah, both CO's and DO's purposely cultivate friendships with those who can help them financially. This is the worst kept secret in the entire borganization. There are always going to be well to do elders that get special priveliges and talks at assemblies that normally wouldn't get those unless their reputation preceeded them about the "help" they provide.

    After 15 years, a CO/DO are considered tenured. Generally, they can count on being taken care of the rest of their lives. (unless that will change to) For those who have under 15 years and have to leave, they are generally on their own. Missionaries got a letter just before I left Cameroon that changed the health care. 1-5 years had to contribute a percentage of their weekly/monthly stipend. 6-10 years were less, 11-15 were less, and 15 years and up didn't have to contribute at all.

    The CO missionary I was with in Cameroon often complained about the fact that he had to buy and take care of his own car, esp knowing the rich US CO's didn't have to, and here he was sweating his ass off in a 3rd world country with no realistic expectation of support from the poor congregations of Africa. This will be good for him. (up till now, only the US got free cars for the CO's..... Coincidentally, top shelf Bethelites got them as well....)

  • MinisterAmos

    I have always found it interesting that the voting (Witnesses voting?) for expense resolutions was done by a show of hands, openly and in front of all, while everything else is done in private (donations, etc)

    Peer pressure?

  • nbernat

    I was about to open a thread about that Minister. Lol.

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    So basically unlike pastors who take some off the top, the motion is made and then approved by a show of hands. "Sure dude, you can take the money that we put in the voluntary donation box, even though you haven't done jack differently than any other person up in this joint. Cool beans."

  • DaCheech
    I have always found it interesting that the voting (Witnesses voting?) for expense resolutions was done by a show of hands, openly and in front of all, while everything else is done in private (donations, etc)

    Peer pressure?

    I have always been afraid of voting "No" but there have been times when I did not raise my hands

  • WTWizard

    They can complain all they want about the dinky allowance. I have one question? Do they produce or create that $50 of value for society per month? I bet they don't produce or create even one penny of value. Therefore, they do not deserve even one penny.

    I never gave any "green handshake" to the hounder-hounder. The simple reason is that he didn't give me any value whatsoever by hounding me. So I didn't give him any value in the form of money.

  • nbernat

    Yeah I've always wanted to vote no but the peer pressure does it.

  • truthlover

    Blondie- you are very well informed, I have watched your comments for some time now and they are right on.. the letter was read tonight at our meeting, that $4.00 per pub would be given to cover expenses - car, insurance, dental, etc.. back 3 years -- of course a show of hands, with no dissent...

    I knew of the co cutback to come but this was a little discouraging to say the least.. with all these changes, it makes one wonder

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