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  • chickpea

    early this morning, i headed out to
    a "u-pick-em" strawberry farm
    and lo and behold.... a "sister"
    from the kh i had attended was all
    set up with a promotional table
    for the latest and greatest contribution
    to human health since pomegranate juice
    ( or before that, noni juice, and before that,
    aloe juice....and before that and before that........)

    MonaVie Acai Juice.....
    a proprietary blend of 19 juices
    blah blah blah blah blah.....

    i just KNOW it is not limited
    to this one hall and i bet it is
    going to show up across the
    midwest at the very least
    (my ballpark place of residence)
    since DCs are notorious breeding grounds
    for all manner of recruitment practices
    and the next "get rich quick while
    there is still a system in which to
    bilk the "friends" out of what little
    $$ they might have

    nearly $40.00 a bottle....
    allegedly a week's supply
    @ 2 oz 2X/day (28 oz ?)

    anyway.... i tried a sample
    and concluded it was very
    berry-ish and cursed
    silently the friend who was
    supposed to have met me
    to pick strawberries so i could
    back away from the table!!

    this " sister" was trying hard to make the sale
    because when i declined the literature
    ( never give those dubs a chance to stick
    propoganda in your hand!!) and said i would
    go online later to look it up, she literally trotted
    to my car window and said.....
    " if you want to buy some, i will sign you up
    so you dont have to worry about it"

    anyway.... i got over 10 pounds of
    luscious juicy sweet sun drenched
    annapolis strawberries for $17.50....

    so it is strawberry shortcake tonight!!!!!

  • Honesty



    Is gonna make me look like this...

    I'll buy 100 cases.

  • chickpea

    i can give your name to the good sistah

  • Honesty

    She would probably try to get me into a 'Bible' Study with the What does the Watchtower Society Bible Really Teach book.

    Go ahead and give her my name (Honesty) and have her send me a PM thru JWD.

  • Hope4Others

    If its not one sales pitch its another, I have a relative always trying

    to get me to sell or buy something...gets rather tiring. Jw's are notorious for
    selling stuff.


    the shortcake does sound good......

  • Gopher

    Because so many of the J-Dubs don't get proper educations / careers, they're suckers for these get-rich-quick scams. I often heard 'pyramid schemes' like this denounced at circuit assemblies going back as far as the 1970's. But the JW's always turned a deaf ear to their leadership and did as they darn well pleased.

  • DaCheech

    there's somebody in my father-in-law's hall ripping him off on noni juice

  • JWdaughter

    My uncle did not speak to me for 25 years other than to try and sell me things. Seriously. Last summer though, he did talk to me at my mom's house-actually was there for dinner near my birthday (my not birthday dinner:)) Then, the first day of Sept, he helped us MOVE-and I didn't ask him-he offered.

    I think he must be DF'd himself now, but my mom won't talk about it!


  • Hortensia

    I remember some telephone MLM scam going through all the congregations a while ago. I was out, but I heard about it anyway. I finally made a policy of never ever buying anything from a MLM, and I make it a point to tell that to people who try to sell me stuff. I find being polite doesn't work, once you let them start the spiel you can't get away!

  • B_Deserter

    There are some witnesses that truly get off on soliciting people. It's like JW extra credit.

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