Praying over food - JW/Christians self-centred nonsense

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  • LockedChaos

    I have no problem with prayer before eating
    Or anything else for that matter.
    I do object to showy public displays meant to bring attention
    There is an appropriate time and place
    That's just me and I could be wrong

    Hey let's have some pie

  • CoonDawg

    My wife used to want me to pray with her over meals. Eventually I told her how silly that notion was...that she would ask ME - someone with no belief in God - to pray to god on her behalf..simply because I wear the penis. I said - "Why do you want me to sit and by rote, say things that we both know I don't beleive? Do you really believe that my prayers for you would be anything more than hot air rising to the ceilin?" She stopped asking me to do it. I felt bad because I know it kind of hurt her feelings, but Jeez...don't put me in that position. Now I go to my mom's with my wife to have dinner and one of them prays over the food and I sit quietly out of respect for them. They don'[t even put a napkin on their heads or anything.

  • WTWizard

    I used to think of it as a complete waste of time to pray to that Almighty Scumbag Tyrant before eating. Why thank that Almighty Swine for something He provided me with the need for?

    When I was away from the witlesses, I never prayed to that Baghead before eating. Especially if I was eating out, or at work with worldly people. It would have been too damn embarrassing. The only way I would pray to that Almighty Pukehead Jehovah would be if I was visiting some other witlesses, in the privacy of their homes (and then I had no choice). Still, I thought of it as a complete waste of time.

  • jambon1

    Deputy Dog; That was a silly comment. It made no sense.

  • blondie

    Actually, I never understood jws that suddenly prayed over food in public; ones that never prayed over food at home or private meals. It always seemed to be a bid for attention. Once I was with a group of jws and they spontaneously decided to pray in the restaurant. I just got up and went to the restroom. On return I got my purse and left (good thing I came in my own car). I knew that none of those people prayed before a meal. I guess I was on my way out and didn't realize it.


    How the WTS encourages this nonsense

    *** g02 4/8 p. 32 They Were Being Watched ***TWO teenagers stopped at a restaurant for breakfast in a small town in Ohio, U.S.A. As is their custom, before they ate they bowed their heads and said a silent prayer.

    Afterward, a woman who had been watching them came over to their table and picked up their check. She told them: "In a world where we hear so much bad about our youth, it is so refreshing to see two young men who take the time to thank God for their food. I would like to pay for your breakfast."

  • MissingLink

    I'm no bible-ologist, but doesn't it say in there somewhere that we should not attribute actions to God that he did not do?

  • VM44
    As is their custom, before they ate they bowed their heads and said a silent prayer.

    The woman observing them made the ASSUMPTION that they were praying!

    She actually only saw them bowing their heads in silence, but that in itself is not praying, it is only the appearance.

    (maybe they were praying, and maybe they weren't)

    The Watchtower Society really only cares about the outward appearence people present!

  • PrimateDave

    The next time you're in a restaurant, try saying this prayer out loud:

    Our spaghetti
    Who art in the colander
    Hallowed be thy sauce
    Thy serving come
    Thy strands be wrung
    On forks as they are on spoons
    Give us this day our daily meatball
    And forgive us our starchiness
    As we forgive those who are starchy against us
    And lead us not into Kraft parmesan
    But deliver us from Chef Boy Ardee
    For thine is the garlic
    And the onion and the bay leaves
    For ever and ever.

    -Pastafarian prayer to the FSM.


    P.S. Credit where credit is due:

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    I guess you are to self-centred to get it.

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