This board is so surreal...

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  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life


    I wasn't in it as long as you but I was born into it. I hear you and I understand. It is very emotional. And in some ways it still is for me. Not that I have any regrets at all, NO WAY. It's just that it caused a lot of emotional hurt in my family. And I have 3 aunts, one uncle and numerous cousins that are still in. Our relationships with them have been strained for a very long time. It is very sad. There is no way around it.

    Thanks for being here, Oompa.

  • Quirky1

    By providing a coping tool this board has given me the opportunity to express myself and learn a great deal about the WTBS. I have really enjoyed the expressions and views of others here. The chance to get to know others and hopefully meet one day.

    I hope that more new ones find this board also so maybe they can benefit from it.

  • ataloa
    I still find it amazing that the trauma of having been a dub transcends all our present-day differences.

    Where else do born-again Christians, atheists, right and left wingers, Wiccans, Buddhists, and schizo Bible babblers keep coming back to talk to one another?

    That we stay together, despite squabbles, speaks volumes about the WTS and its treatment of its adherents. It's almost like we're all old war buddies.

    You really said it so well, parakeet.

    A common enemy makes fast friends.

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