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  • konceptual99

    Does anyone have any links to how the Mormons (or ex Mormons for that matter) view the changes that the WTS has made over recent years, especially the growth of JW.ORG and characters like Caleb & Sophia?

    Have they noticed? Do they see similarities? Do they care?

    I've tried some searches but not come up with anything.

  • roberto avon
    roberto avon

    what you just asked is really interesting and I am very curious about the comments.

    Nobody calls them Mormons anymore.

    In Italy they are called " The church of Jesus Christ's saints of the last days ( sorry for the translation ) certainly more appealing than " Christian congregation of Jehovah's witnesses ".

    Are the Jws doing the same rebranding with jworg????

  • cappytan

    @Roberto: They still call themselves Mormon here in the US. The main denomination's official name has been The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints since around 1838. But there are other denominations that are also considered Mormon, but they are of a different organization.

  • Simon

    Groups will hardly ever be critical of another group that is very similar to themselves. How can they when any criticism will be just as applicable to themselves?

    That's why they tend to focus on mainstream religion and Catholicism instead or stick to criticizing the worlds governments.

    They never want to point fingers that can be easily turned back toward them.

  • konceptual99
    Very true Simon but people on this group and others have picked up in similarities between Mormon and JW use of the internet. I just wondered if there was any evidence of the parallels being seen from the other direction.
  • insidetheKH

    Mormon study about the growth rate of JW's , SDA's and Mormons here

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    Really interesting study! Thanks for the link, INSIDE.
  • millie210

    What impresses me about the above study is the honesty.

    No spin, spin, spin like we are used to from the JWs.

    In spite of all the spin and the "get out there and preach!" The SDA still leads the JWs and with a much more laid back approach. Go figure!

  • dozy

    Interesting study from link posted by "insidetheKH" - thanks.

    I suspect that the Mormon's don't really care much about JWs or waste much time copying their methods. Why would they? - it is generally speaking a pretty amateurish organisation on lots of levels. But conversely , the Society do seem to have copied a lot of Mormon ideas - "family study evening" etc.

    The website looks very similar to I showed a website designer who works for my company the two sites and he looked at some of the embedded code & was convinced that the WTBTS had copied some of the functionality and coding from the Mormon site. Apparently it is very common in website design & very difficult to categorically prove - all you do is change a line of coding here or there. Nothing new there of course , as the Society have pinched artwork from Christendom for years.

  • Simon

    I think both groups are after the same customer base which is why they converge in a similar approach. Whatever one does that appears to be working is picked up and copied by the other.

    It seems like the LDS have been more successful than the WTS which is why the latter do more of the copying from the former.

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