May KM Highlight 1/Cong baptized

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  • Gayle

    at 2014 conventions (regional?) 14,039 baptized. Outstanding for 13,871 Congs! ???

    Since they state "u.s. branch territory," may include some addl island Congs. But avg. would still be 1/Cong.

    Comical, when they boast about their grand increase and building needs.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Speeding up the work indeed! Over 1000 new kingdom hall projects needed!

    Edit: I guess the formatting didn't work out...the "projects" above was supposed to be extra small haha. They don't like it when the R/F notice that little word in there.

  • insidetheKH
    @Gayle during the serviceyear 2014 36,064 persons were baptised in the United States
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    InsidetheKH that 36,064 number is easily canceled-out by the 40,000+ that were disfellowshipped, disassociated, became inactive, became irregular, started to fade, no longer attend meetings and for whatever other reasons have chosen in the 2014 service year to no longer be affiliated with anything JW related!
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Why does anyone lend any credibility to anything the Watchtower counts. Are they believers in their own deception?
  • insidetheKH

    @Gonebad please start thinking,... you are comparing apples and peaches

    The 36,064 baptisms were in the U.S alone. Your 40,000+ figure (which is a guess) is not a U.S alone figure.

  • insidetheKH
    @Village i mentioned this earlier today. Sociologists and national surveys conclude that the WT counts are very conservative and therefor credible
  • redvip2000

    during the serviceyear 2014 36,064 persons were baptised in the United States

    Ok, so it's 2.5 baptisms per congo - wow really impressive. Rush to build new halls folks!! What are the chances that those 2.5 people are kids of Jdubs in that hall? Pretty good chance I think

    In fact I think that out of 36,064 baptisms, maybe 500 - 1000 are actual people who were contacted during preaching work. The rest is family, friends, co-workers, etc. Just go to show how much of a colossal waste of time this preaching work is.

  • millie210

    They are building new Halls because of two more people per Hall?

    Obviously that is just a cover story.

  • redvip2000

    Just out of curiosity, took a look at the number of baptisms for mormons - 280,000, with only a small fraction of preaching "waste of time" hours, when compared to Jdubs.

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