Forbidden fields of higher education for JW?

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  • Shazard

    Which are they? Besides Christian theology? Which fields are higly not reccomended for JWs? Why they?

  • isaacaustin

    really any of the social science areas of study since they encourage independent thought and critical thinking.

  • sir82

    I would imagine anything having to do with biology would be right can't be a very good biologist if you have to ignore the accumulated evidence of thousands of other biologists supporting evolution. Likewise geology, paleontology, archeology - anything where you would run into evidence of things older than Bible chronology allows for.

    Anything requiring extended periods of school as well - medical doctor, for example.

    Anything related to "philosophy" as well.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I was just going to say philosophy. A big no no.


  • OnTheWayOut

    I cannot imagine that there is a list of forbidden fields. WTS tends to avoid that.
    Besides the obvious trend to discourage all college, there would be a stigmatism
    attached to archeology and science studies. The medical and legal fields would
    have a negative thought attached because of the length of the schooling, but not
    bad, otherwise.

    My wife avoided psychology like it was the plague. She took a course on
    Religions of the World in order to duck out on psychology. That sounds weird, but
    she was afraid that the one would influence her thinking and the other was easy to
    view as simply a look at false religion. (Don't point out any ironies or logic flaws
    in her way of looking at this- I know.)

    What's bizarre is that a pioneer at the KH majored in psychology, and unless she's
    just pioneering to please mom and dad, she didn't wake up from her courses.

    What's really bizarre- going to college or taking certain courses receives negative
    reactions from JW's, but having a degree in any of those fields brings positive
    comments from the dubs. Doing it is wrong, but having completed it is wonderful.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    My grandparents and mother were the only ones to discourage me from persuing a degree because of bad associations. The thing is that what are people exposed to at work, good association? It never made sense to me that school was OK and college was baaaaaad. There is no logic in that.

  • NewYork44M

    Anything that ends up in a time comsumming career such as a doctor or lawyer.

  • blondie

    Armed employment
    State Department
    Law Enforcement

    *** w99 4/15 p. 29 Questions From Readers ***
    Some Christians working in hospitals have had to consider this factor of authority. A physician might have authority to order medications for or medical procedures on a patient. Even if a patient did not mind, how could a Christian doctor in authority order a blood transfusion or perform an abortion, knowing what the Bible says on such matters? In contrast, a nurse employed at the hospital might not have such authority. As she performs routine services, a doctor might direct her to perform a blood test for some purpose or to care for a patient who came for an abortion. In line with the example recorded at 2 Kings 5:17-19, she might conclude that since she is not the one with authority who orders a transfusion or performs an abortion, she could carry out human services for a patient. Of course, she still would have to consider her conscience, so as ‘to behave before God with a clear conscience.’—Acts 23:1.

    Political work
    Religious organizations
    House of prostitution
    Employment in pornography
    Tobacco (growing and selling)
    Using blood

  • Shazard

    What about math, physics, chemistry, IT?

  • WTWizard

    They just tell the witlesses to stay out of college altogether these days. But I have had philosophy classes that taught me to argue about whether God exists or not. I have also had economics classes that taught me to weigh cost and benefits. And money isn't the only cost: I have seen this with wasted time, opportunity cost, and "deadweight" loss (which results when transactions that should have taken place are prevented).

    One could also add science to this, now that the washtowel just put out science as a "valueless thing".

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