Gifts from my old hall..

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  • dozy

    That was sweet of them. Presumably someone organised this - do you think maybe one of your old friends phoned around a few of them & got them to write letters etc and put them in a parcel? You must have been a popular ex-member of the congregation.

    As others have said - that's pretty unusual ( and not really "Society approved" , as such ). Most of us whether we fade or DA / DF suddenly have total radio silence. My wife faded after a lot of congregation problems & over a couple of weeks as rumours & news got out she experienced an avalanche of 70 or more "unfriends" on Facebook etc. I think one sister wrote a letter to her to express her feelings , but that was about it. No phone calls , texts. Just a sudden , unilateral ceasing of contact. That seems to be the norm , but I guess there are exceptions.

  • FayeDunaway
    Yep dozy that happened to me when I faded too. facebook friends were dropping like flies!! I used to keep a list of how many each week were newly missing.
  • SAHS
    You are entitled to your own personal way of handling the situation, and I most certainly respect and applaud your personal integrity. As far as the sender(s) of the package go, he/she/they have no idea that you just threw everything out, and would probably not assume such. If you really wanted to make a definite statement, one thing you could have done was to simply have it mailed back marked “RETURN TO SENDER.” That would have given them the message that you are ready to just move on with your life toward bigger and better pastures. That would have elegantly and poignantly expressed more than any words. But, of course, you no doubt did what was really in your best interests if you acted on yout gut feeling. Whatever the case, you can take this as confirmation of your empowerment to begin a new direction in your life – one where you’re free to follow your own heart.

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