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  • NewYork44M

    I carry very little cash ( I have $3 in my wallet). I used my amex credit card for everthing I can. I have even charged a $2.00 metro card.

    This makes my life very simple. In addition, I pay all my bills via bill-pay. So I don't write checks either.

  • sammielee24

    I think generally we are almost completely cashless. There was a time we used to get a physical paycheck, go to the bank, sign it and cash it. Take that cash and then go out and buy our groceries or gas, maybe see a movie or have dinner. What we had in our pocket was usually what we spent.

    Now - it's all electronic. You never see your paycheck - it goes directly into your account. You never have to stand in line to pay bills or get cash out, you don't have to pay for your meal or your groceries or your gas by cash and in fact, many places discourage that because they have to hire someone to work the cash. Many people never see their money at all and simply use the bank as their pocket - the problem is - you have to trust that pocket implicitly not to misuse or remove the money it has for safe keeping. The stores all monitor your purchases when you swipe with a debit, a credit card or a store awards card. Some of them put chips in their product to find out who is buying and/or using their products without the consumer being aware. I think the current way of doing business via electronics has a way of creating more debt simply because people don't feel or see the money and banks add to that by allowing hefty overdrafts to draw from. sammieswife.

  • SacrificialLoon

    About the only thing I use cash for is the vending machines at work.

  • bob1999

    In the USA all retailers, of any kind, have to accept cash.

    So as long as I'm alive this will be a cash society, at least in my neighborhood.

  • Simon

    How close? Too close ...

    Getting rid of cash gives far too much power and control to banks to screw people with charges.

  • 1914BS

    I would like to point out that Grant's law does not have anything to do with this. I do believe that Grant's law came into efect Feb 1, 2008. I remember, at that time, that you could still go inside a gas station to pay with your debit card without being hasseld by the cashiers. That was yesterday. Just try that today and the cashiers can be real rude and obnoxiouis and they will tell you in most definant terms to pay at the pump. THAT IS A BIG FUCKING GROOMING SESSION

  • still_in74

    funny I had a PO that insists the opposite. that the "credit" system will implode and no one will accept any form of payment other than cash.

    That in fact we will become a "cash society"

    His family thinks he's a genious...............

  • oneairhead

    I l like this idea as it would do away with a lot of illegal activity such as drugs, prostitution, money laundering (real money that is), counterfeiting, etc. But it would create more tech fraud. But at least it seems that no one would be physically hurt like say for instance if a drug deal went bad.

    One other thing that might happen is gold would become a currency again, if we went cashless. So maybe not so good.


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