How JW act at hotels with free breakfast

by whathehadas 13 Replies latest social humour

  • steve2

    I guess blood sausage would be off the menu, huh? Unless Satan and his demons were trying to test diners faith?

    Oh, and an ideal breakfast venue would provide non-Witness patrons with a ringside view of loyal JW clusters making a show of praying before their meals (it makes Jehovah sad when people do not ostentatiously thank Him for breakfasts, continental or otherwise. Why, on the Day of Revkoning, He will remember you did not openly pray before breakfast and annihilate you. )

  • Slave4_38y
  • Splash

    And all the while these tight fisted, social inepts are stuffing their bags with breakfast food, emptying the ice maker, cooking food in their rooms, sneaking more people into each room etc, they are proudly displaying their lapel cards for all to identify them as "Jehovah's people".

    When a life-long financially challenged family have scraped the £100's together to stay at a convention, they have never known hotel etiquette yet retain the JW sense of entitlement. No wonder the KM has to write such ridiculous reminders every single year on how to behave.

  • zeb
    It has forever puzzled me that jw who consider themselves Gods chosen ones have to be told before every convention how to behave you know like a whole lot of... (wait for it) "worldly" people do.

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