Please help me figure out my dreams

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Not sure if you mean you dream you wake and then see the symbols or of you mean you actually awake and see them for a minute or two, but Oliver Sacks is the go to guy on this sort of thing.


    Legally Change your name to..

    27 X 352 = 9504

    Maybe the dreams will stop..

  • scotoma

    Are you ignoring something like the need to do your taxes?

    Or are you in whirl of activity and don't have time to do something complicated?

  • Socrateswannabe
    @ Witness My Fury: Thank you for the information on Oliver Sacks. I read the article from the link and a bit more on Wiki and this sounds really interesting.
  • SafeAtHome
    Hey, maybe you are watching too many episodes of The Big Bang Theory. You can't watch that show without seeing a blackboard filled with math equations. TBS has the reruns on late every evening so maybe you are seeing it right before you go to bed. But seriously, who really knows why we dream what we dream. I often dream of my parents and several beloved aunts and uncles who, sadly, have all passed. I read a comforting thought one time that that is how they visit us after they are gone. Comforting, yes, true, who knows? But along the line of dreaming of numbers...I have been out of high school for 47 years and I still have a recurring dream of forgetting my locker combination, hearing the bell ring as I fumble with the lock, and being late for class. I can't recall that ever happening in my years at school, but I can remember my combination which makes it really funny, given how simple the combination was: 0-30-20!
  • flipper

    SOCRATES- Are you sure you aren't an extra actor left over from the movie " A Beautiful Mind " ? That's what Russell Crowe did in that movie writing all kinds of mathematical equations on the board trying to figure it out. LOL. Just joking. In reality it's hard to say what it means. Perhaps in your earlier life you were having problems with math - who knows ? Or perhaps it's a message telling you that in your current life you are trying to figure things out in life and it's as difficult as a complicated math situation. That may be it. Without knowing your circumstances it's hard to say.

    I have kept track of all my dreams in a diary the last 4 + years and it's really helped me. I've got over 426 pages of dreams logged now over that time. It's a real trip ! But interesting. I've read some books on psychological dream work therapy - very interesting as well. I highly recommend Frederick Perl's " Gestalt Therapy Verbatim " from the late 1960's with his dream work seminars at Esalan Institute near Big Sur , California very interesting stuff to see how people worked through understanding their dreams

  • Socrateswannabe
    Thanks everyone. This has all been very helpful.

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