2 year old dies because his JW father refuses to allow a blood transfusion

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  • Honesty

    Another sacrifice to the Watchtower's blood altar, and this one didn't choose to die, he had the decision made for him.


  • leftbelow

    I want to curse right now. How can the A-hole in brooklyn sleep.

  • BreakingAway

    Witnesses won't even say "lucky", but essentially, such ones sacrifice their children to the "god of good luck".In other words, they hope their children will be one of the "lucky ones" not to die from lack of blood.They are gambling with the lives of those that trust them the most.It's beyond sad and this organization is most certainly blood guilty !

  • Casper

    Kelvin Asamoah... May you rest in peace,

    That is so sad. There was no way in Hell that I would have let one of my children die, when I was a witness. The whole concept of that "Rule" just didn't make sense to me.


  • Rabbit

    *sigh* I was a Witness for 35 years, my then wife (now ex) and I did just that -- refuse a blood transfusion for our newborn baby. Thru the extraordinary skill of several doctors, not Gawd, our baby survived. But, the WT had "plans" to allow us to 'kidnap' our child and spirit it away to a "JW friendly doctor" in a another city hundreds of miles away if it looked like a transfusion was imminent.

    The WT GB Gods lost that sacrifice, but years later...my JW mom died in a perfectly good hospital...needing blood. The WT beliefs smothered her to death.

    It's weird...I carry grief and guilt over those 'no blood transfusion' encounters...my ex-wife and other family JW's are proud of the parts they played.

    And...they would do it again...

  • momzcrazy

    WTF? I thought that kids were more protected legally? Maybe not in Ghana?

    My son is 2 yrs 9 months, probably close to the same age as Kevin would be. Bastard father.


  • Honesty

    I hope this gets widespread coverage in Africa.

    The demon cult from hell has an advantage there because the internet is not easily available to all.

  • BluesBrother

    If the kid was so so severely anaemic that he died the following day , he must have been in a bad way. It makes you wonder whether a hospital in Europe or the U S may have been able to save him somehow? Why did the parents leave it so late to take him to Hospital? Was it a matter of cost? Who knows ...But the fact is that the hospital offered a treatment and it was refused..

    In all the cases that I personally came across as a dub, the patient did survive despite the dire predictions of the doctors

    I feel some sympathy for the man, deluded by the dubs, torn as to what to do..now up on a charge of neglect..But as others have said, the blame rests on those who define the policy and beliefs.

    How is the dad going to feel when one day, as I am sure they will, they find a pretext to reverse the belief??

  • SPAZnik

    This is so sad.

  • justhuman

    It is so sick...Rabbit don't feel quilty ...

    How can they accept blood fractions and reject the whole blood. The GB of the WT is quilty for murder in this policy. They killed thousands of people and they are not sattisfied...Their Father is a manslaughter and they are only immitating him...

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