Dream On, Brother [and Sister], Dream On!!!

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  • PrimateDave

    1.) Is any one here capable of remembering his/her dreams?
    Yes, and sometimes I have lucid dreams.

    2.) Does anyone believe that dreams - and the analysis/interpretation of dream - provide a "key" to solve any of life's problems? Can the analysis/interpretation of one's dreams be therapeutic?
    I have read about Freudian and Jungian analysis but am generally not into self analysis via dreams. My preferred self therapy is via meditation techniques.

    3.) Does anyone believe that dreams may "prophetic" in that they are portends of the future?
    I have no experience with this. I tend toward disbelief in this area.

    4.) Has anyone had a dream and then wrote a story (fiction) about it?

    5.) Does anyone particularly appreciate the paintings of the Spanish - Catalan painter, Salvador Dali?

    6) Has anybody read the poetry of the surrealist poets/authors such as Andre Breton? What do you think of their practice known as "automatic writing"? For anybody who knows about Breton, maybe you will know about le cadavre exquis.

    7.) Most people here know about "Freddy" and the Nightmare On Elm Street series. One of the premises is that Freddy can enter people's dreams. One of the results is that this opens up all sorts of possibilities. After all, in dreams anthing can happen. Does anybody like this series.
    Not really. I am aware of certain mystical beliefs in dreams being connected to the Astral plane.

    8) Has anybody read King's novel, Duma Key?


  • Hope4Others

    I had the strangest dream last night,

    I had been conversing with someone on the board, I heard the words "You are totally incompatible with________! And then I saw the name in big bold print.

    Funny thing is I have not talked very much with this person. I will have to look further at this.


  • dogisgod

    I have very detailed dreams that are like watching a mini-series in living color.

    I have made notes just to tell my friends about my weird dreams.

    I think they are part just your brain randomly firing things off combined with things you are subconsciously concerned or working on. The second part can be interpreted. All the answers for yourself are inside of you.

    Prophectic? No.

    I think most dream prophecies were induced by a self induced trancelike state, sleep deprivation, drugs, alcohol. If I take meletonin my dreams are like an LSD trip.

    Your belief system, country of origion, traditions decide how much your dreams lead your life (unless you choose not).

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