We will have the book study in the new system!

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  • heathen

    really -just two years ago , let's do it no matter what it costs , even if your boss fires you , today - sorry but the price of gas was the reason for it . Unbelievable

  • betterdaze

    Welcome, 1914BS! Good post.

    I like the lady in the back who looks like, "That's not what the scripture said... hmmm...."


  • journey-on

    Betterdaze, are you talking about the black lady? I was thinking the same exact thing.

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    The Watchtower has really shot itself in the foot with this move! Going from 3 brainwashing sessions to now 2 brainwashing sessions.

    Less brainwashing sessions = More people realising it's just a big phoney scam.


  • Bring_the_Light
    The questions are not intended to "initiate discussion", there is no ad lib allowed.

    Yes, the Paragraph / Question / Rote Answer from paragraph method was a mainstay of the Soviet education system at the height of Stalin's power. It's only purpose is to indoctrinate

    What's really awsome about it, is that the typical JW wouldn't have a problem with the idea that people are being indoctrinated with "the truth about Jehovah".

    I've actually had people tell me that they know its the truth, because when they set aside their doubts, the turmoil subsides and they feel so much better. Indeed, when I stopped focusing on the fact that I was surrounded and immersed in complete astonishing bullshit that I could not escape and I could not fight, I felt a little better too.

  • megawatt


    Since I stopped taking that garbage seriously nearly 2 years ago, I miss all of these recent articles rittle with contridicitons. Amazing, less than 2 years ago, a complete 180 degree turn about in attitude regarding meetings. Nothing should get in the way of meetings to "welp, the cost of gas is up and we decided becuase out of love to eleminate the book study".

    Good work on posting this. (Copied and saved to DOCS)

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