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  • Quentin

    7000 year long creative days=49,000 years for J to create and make ready the earth for humankind...leaving the 7th day for his rest...no more creating being done...with 1000 years for Christ to reign...

    wt taught that at one time, or words to that effect...where did the 7000 year creative day come from?...1st, or 2nd Esdras as I recall...Leolia, or Nakissos could be more exact...Russell and Freddy cast the net far and wide for their end times doctrin...

  • inkling

    194,000 years ago.


  • DoomVoyager

    1972 "Jehovah, the God of the true prophets, will put all false prophets to shame either by not fulfilling the false prediction of such self-assuming prophets

    How on earth can they get away with writing this shit?

  • truthsetsonefree

    "When was the last time any Watchtower publication made mention of this event which stirred so much interest among Jehovah's true servants that they published the same event TWICE and got it wrong both times??"

    A very good point. This was such a big deal for many of us. Yet newer JWs wouldn't know what we're talking about.



  • VM44

    The older Elder read a scripture which basically called me a fool and then shut the conversation down

    Yep, that really settles the conversation, quote a thousands of years old scripture that doesn't answer any of the questions.

    Another instance of the JWs thinking that "We are right because we are right!

  • Honesty
    The older Elder read a scripture which basically called me a fool and then shut the conversation down and lit out of there

    Their Masters teach them how to effectively deal with opposers of Jehover's visible organization.

    Cut 'N Run

  • Terry

    Does anybody remember the pathetic follow up to the 1975 no-show of Armageddon?

    It was explained that Adam was in the garden an indeterminate period of time before Eve was created and THAT was the delay time!

    When was the last time this indeterminate lag time was mentioned in any of the Society's publications?

  • Quentin

    Was it before, or after? By before I mean in the year 1975...can't remember, do remember it being bandied about though....


    Cardinal mistakes many people are making today :

    They don't look to the present and future but look back to the times when the just being revived christianity was on the scene of the end-time timetable.

    The beginning are always modest when a new birth is taking place . That was like a childish stage of the revived christian faith in the period 1879 AD - 1914 AD. And many corrections could be introduced .

    Once the Bible was completed in the ancient times God Yahweh ceased giving His inspired messages and the miracles ended .

    No one today can claim God is giving him messages and that person in such case would have to prove that with miracles which don't really happen any more !

    We are to rely on the Bible which stays the same all the time as it is unchangeable while our views undergo improvements with passing time. The best understanding of the Bible is not to be searched in the time like 1914 AD,1975 AD but now when we see the end-time era is winding down to a very few years ! And it can be proven that Daniel 12.4 is being fulfilled right before our eyes and most religons are proven false so easily !

    While reading Watchtower articles I myself could write another article on the same page on the margin and yet I do recognize these same people as the best people that guide the best christian organization on the face of the earth.Will you find me another organization that beats up Jehovah's Witnesses ? And that fits the end-time pattern of God's salvation plan ?

    By the latest understanding of the Bible the Watchtower was wrong or not complete as to the passing of 6000 years .Many mistakes the Watchtower had made but they pale when compared to the mistakes the other religious organization had made !

    It depends which date you use to begin counting 6000 years. The best is the latest version which ascribes 1010 years to each day of a symbolic week.

    1037 BC - 1034 AD - 1027 BC - 607 BC - 1914 AD - 1984 AD - 1991 AD - 1994 AD = 3030 years which implies each day can have 1010 years.

    4027 BC + 6000 years + 60 years = 2034 AD 6 days counted here as 6060 years

    4010 BC ( Adam sinned ) - 3010 BC -2010 BC - 1010 BC - 10 BC - 991 AD - 1991 AD = 6000 years

    10 BC + 2000 years as 2 days = 1991 AD + remaining 20 years = 2011 AD 2 days = 2020 years

    It can be also this way: 11 AD when Jesus began teaching in the Temple as 12-year old boy - Luke 2.42 .

    11 AD + 2000 years = 2011 AD

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