An Odd scenario

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  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I probably need to add, junction, that I have nothing against you. I think you're stuck in a rut and need to move in a positive direction. Try to find good in people rather than negative. We are all individuals and some of us are not going to get along. Blow it off and move on. Don't indulge in passive aggressive behavior that accomplishes nothing besides perhaps moving you towards being another unabomber. That's my advice. If you don't like it, you're welcome to a refund.

  • dinah

    I've seen BFD's pics. His outsides are as pretty as his insides.

  • Junction-Guy

    Ok, now that I am home I can post more about this.

    There are many good people on that board, I talk with them daily. There are a few negative persons there too.

    There is more to this story than what I told last night, I didn't have that much time to properly tell it all.

    The problem is that most of the good people on that board live far away from me, it is seldom that anyone in my area is on there. From what I have expereinced the Tennessee people on that board are rude a-holes, yeah I said it !!

    It all goes back to probably 1 1/2 years ago when I first started posting. I was trying to connect with local people from that board, they were few and far between.

    I tried to arrange a group meetup, but there just wasn't much interest in this region of the country.

    Fast forward to last fall, well apparently someone from another nearby city was arranging a meetup group.

    I guess I have been spoiled by JWD, because when we arrange Apostafests here, everyone is so helpful and gives good advice about directions and parking and so forth.

    Well anyway the people arranging this meetup were totally rude, I have never been treated this way before by people proclaining to be Christian, all I asked for was some advice about the rush hour traffic situation in that city and trying to find the most convenient place to park near the meetup.

    Like I said the people were totally rude, they mocked me, made fun of me, yet no one would even bother to help me with some general road information. It really bothered me, but I bit my tongue and for the most part withheld retaliating back. I did not go this meetup, mainly for financial reasons, but had they been more welcoming, then yeah I would have went.

    Well anyway someone new starts posting to the board, this person claims to be a christian and a baptist too, plus several more common interests.

    Well at first we exchange a few emails, I mentioned the fact that we were one of the few from this area and that we had a few things in common, and since he lived closeby if he would like to meet for some coffee.

    Well he says he would love to, but that he was really busy with work and it would probably be a month or so, and that he wouldnt even be on the net that much. So after a few more emails I told him that I would get back in touch with him once he had some more free time.

    I waited a little more than a month, and figured he probably had some free time by then. I tried PM'ing him, but no response, I noticed he was online and posting, so I knew it wasnt that.

    He finally sent a message that he was deleting my message and not to take it personally, he was just cleaning out his box. He never did reply to anything I had said, he didn't even acknowledge it.

    Now all of a sudden out of the blue he is arranging a gathering, and I will definitely go. He still hasn't acknowledged my previous PM's and to beat it all I think he is getting some kind of kick out of this to stir up trouble.

    He was going through a divorce and had alot of issues with it, I figured we could get together and talk and maybe help each other out, give advice, just something.

    If there are some more things I left out, then I will post them as I see fit.

    One more thing I will say is this guy from what I gather is starting to turn against his faith, he possibly could be a closet agnostic.

    But yet he is still masquerading as a christian on the board, giving his phony messages of comfort to people. I would really love to tell everyone there about it, but like I mentioned earlier this board is highly censored, and everything there is about image, they are almost as bad as the watchtower when it comes to not wanting reproach brought on the organization.

    If I were to speak up and tell it exactly how it happened then they would most likely try to silence me or delete my messages, because they wouldn't want to give the wrong impression to the outside world.

    This board is not a baptist board, but an all inclusive christian board, made up of many denominations.

  • penny2

    Junction-Guy, if you've been treated this way already and the meetup could be uncomfortable, I'd give it a miss. Life's too short.


  • Junction-Guy

    That is just it Penny, I believe I should go and give him a chance and see what kind of person he really is, perhaps there could be some rational explanation for this, maybe he didnt receive the messages I sent. It could have been a glitch in the PM system. I am at least willing to meet him and give him the benefit of the doubt.

    There may be other people there too, and I might make a few local friends.

    As a christian I am called to forgive, even when slighted by another fellow christian. If he does turn out to be the rude pompous jerk that I think he may be, then at least I will have the opportunity to let him know what I think, and then move on.

    This whole experience has clouded my participation on that board, and if it weren't for the truly kind people living in Florida, Ohio, California, Texas and so on, I probably would have said a few things on that forum that I would be regretting now.

  • Junction-Guy

    Something else I forgot to mention is that I am not the only one on that board who has experienced this. There are alot of people who have had similar experiences there. The board moderators try their best to sweep this under the rug, because they don't want "outside" people reading the board to find out these things as they are trying to put up a facade.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Sounds like he doesn't like you. Big deal. Move on already. Sheesh.

  • nvrgnbk

    It's always going to be all about you and your tragic suffering, isn't it, Junction?

    As a christian I am called to forgive, even when slighted by another fellow christian. If he does turn out to be the rude pompous jerk that I think he may be

    Sounds pretty forgiving to me.

    Try posting something about issues that are of universal concern, instead of always telling your story.

    It may have a very positive effect on you.

    We're all in this together- trying, sometimes crying, and ultimately dying.

    Best of success to you.

  • Junction-Guy

    You may have a point there John Doe, but really how can someone not like someone without really ever meeting them or talking with them, with the exception of a few positive emails? Nothing negative was said at all.

  • Junction-Guy

    I will be attending that meetup for sure, there is no telling how many people will show up, and I can meet some friendly people and just forget about that situation.

    Funny thing is he might end up liking me as a friend.

    I will keep a positive outlook anyway, nobody is going to drag me down.

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