Without God then the bad people get away!

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  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    Deputy Dog: Without God, what are "bad people"?

    I think with the tools of sympathy and empathy, we have a ready-made guide on how to tell "bad people". They cause harm. It is good to come to consensus on what constitutes harm and how to disallow it. Much better than what might be an arbitrary statement by a prophet that cannot be verified, IMO.

    The point to my asking, was to ask were that "guide" came from. I don't believe it came from a prophet, but directly from God.

    Killer, pedos and the like, don't think they're "bad people" do they?
    Actually, they often do realize their "badness", though that doesn't stop them - but we're not going rely on their self-appraisal. We'll come to a consensus based on observable outcomes. Do we really need God to tell us that rape is bad? Can we not see the impact on the victim without a prophet?

    Again the abillity to know right from wrong doesn't come through a prophet. It is built in us by God. IMO

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