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    A number of times as a JW elder I went to homes where the dub thought they had demons they would throw everything they thought might be possesed including pictures, video games, containters etc. etc. the demons never went away. I think the only container that need to be cleaned out was their heads.

    Over the past 20 years the borg has discreetly removed the thoughts and notions of demons possesing people and moved the issue to mental problems. Has anyone else noticed that?

  • Liberty

    Welcome Switch,

  • Liberty

    Sorry didn't mean to post yet. Welcome in any case.

    The Watch Tower concept of Satan is complete nonsense. Simple logic tells us that a super being like an angel would be second only to God in intelligence and that such a being would have been in intimate association with God for untold eons. If you were the personal assistant to an all powerful dictator whom you knew for a fact found out about and killed all opposition without fail and knew that this dictator was "good" why would you commit sure suicide by opposing him? What purpose would be served if you knew 100% that this dictator could never be overthrown? As an imperfect human most of us would be smart enough to remain alive and continue serving this dictator if a revolution was really hopeless and we were treated well anyway. How much more so would this be true with a super smart being intimately associated with God?

    The other defect in the whole Devil story is the concept that an all good God would allow a trickster to fool His beloved children into a rebellion they really don't want or understand. Killing willful rebels is hard enough but rounding up otherwise loyal subjects who thought they were serving God but were fooled by a clever tempter would just be stupid if you knew all about the plot. In simpler form, if you had small children and told them to obey you about not crossing a busy street would you then test them by hiring a nice looking guy to pose as a friendly Uncle to offer candy and baloons to the children if they cross the street and he says you said it was OK because you sent him to "help" them?

    Don't even get me started on "Free Will".

  • Switch

    Liberty, I think much of what you said is what was in the back of my mind 20 years ago.

    I've never been afraid of demon-possession but always wondered about the subtle ways that the WT warns about. According to what they say, I could be trying my very best to do what is right, but it may all be for the wrong reasons. How would I really know if I was serving a righteous god or a demon? The only answer I see is that I wouldn't.

    The WT has much to say about Satan/false prophets misleading people and it makes me shudder now to realize how well it applies to themselves. The WTS seems to write the Devils tactics a little too frequently IMO. I think it's just one of the issues that has contributed to my fade.

  • Liberty

    The Watch Tower Society has proven over and over again that it is a giant monument to falsehood. They have conjectured and guessed so much over the years that they don't even remember what is right or wrong which is proof positive that they are not guided by God's spirit. Just look at all their flip-flops.

    If God is just, then each person would have to be judged upon their motives and not upon what they were fooled into believing/doing since it is too confusing to discover what is the "right" course of action.

    If God's real Universe was really as confusing as the Watch Tower salvation plan indicates then it would be completely arbitrary and out of our control anyway, hence why worry?

    Your observations about the WT Society's Satanic-like muddying of the waters of truth is well applied.

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  • Hope4Others

    lol church chat, I never laughed so hard watching those episodes. I was still going to the hall when those

    segments aired.

    Everything from a jw stand point is blamed on Satan or blamed on his influence.


  • unfree

    what i find strange is why the WTS focuses on demons so much.... like I mean the dramas and stuff in the DC's. I remeber a few years ago they had a drama i think it was from like Luke or something and they had this recording for the drama with this possesed woman screaming.... that really freaked me out when I heard that...... it was really over the top, even many who I knew who saw the drama thought so.... also...... was it last years DC where the WTS wanted us to read the account of Jesus and the possesed swine and they narrated the swine with some audio and stuff and they were all like "Try to imagine being there,etc" and I couldnt help wonder why anyone would really want to imagine that particular account. I mean this is a DC with loud speakers and lots of babys and little kids and stuff... its a bit much I think. sorry if this post is totally off topic, i just felt like sharing......

  • Switch

    Exactly, Unfree. Only this year I've started to realize how much they've been stressing Satan and his influence in the publications. I know they've discussed it on a regular basis since I was young but is it getting to be more frequent??? Maybe it's my imagination. I can only take the articles in limited amounts these days cuz the negativity gets to me.

  • MochaLatte

    As a JW child I totally bought the idea of Satan. Now that I'm thinking for myself and forming my own thoughts on who/what God is or if he exists, I find the idea that Satan exists to be a hard one to swallow. If I have to accept that the Devil exists to believe that God exists, I begin to question ALL of it. I attend a church along with my husband and while I have an easier time accepting that there is a God, whenever I'm told that if I'm a Christian then the Devil is after me, the whole sermon starts to go south for me. Why would I want to be a Christian when I get a special added bonus of attacks from a superhuman creature? Thanks, but no thanks!

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