JWD is so part of me that I am dreaming JW stuff now

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  • Velvetann

    I am almost a Master member here on JWD now. I feel so much more comfortable here than I did at first. I love visiting here several times a day and do not mind even the negative comments we get on here anymore. I would not leave this group for anything now but it has its consequences LOL.

    The problem I am having is that for the past couple of weeks my dreams are now involving something JW related almost every night. I haven't dreamed about being a JW or anything about it in years and now I am back to JW stuff in my dreams. I just have to tell you about this very vivid dream I had last night.

    I was out in The Service with 3 other JW women, I was the spiritually weak one (as usual) and I didn't have my heart in it, I didn't like going out in service and just did it to keep up appearances with my friends and parents. The women I was with were all gung ho to get out there and start knocking and presenting the Awake and Watchtower Mags. I felt a bit embarrassed that I hadn't even read one article in them so I didn't know what to say at the door. They said I had to take the first door but I was so relieved when they said I should go to the door by myself. I guess they thought this was some kind of punishment or test because they would be watching me from the street to see how I did. I thought I will wing it and no one will be the wiser. A little girl comes to the door and I very nicely asked her if her Daddy or Mommy was home and commented on how pretty she looked today. Her Dad came to the door, a gruff looking bearded man, looked a bit like a professer. I felt intimidated by his worldy know it all way about him. What do you want he says. Well I present the Awake magazine and feel embarrassed about it because I know its such a stupid magazine I say well I am here to offer you these Magazines, they have timely articles about things going on in the world today. I am hoping he is not going to ask me about any specific content. Lucky me, He says ok here is 10 cents like he just wants to get rid of me, I give him the magazines and then he says, Wait. I can't afford to give you 10 cents for these give the money back to me, I am not sure if I will like them so here take this instead. He tears off a half a piece of bread that is on the counter and hands that to me. I just want to place the magazines so the women I am with will think I am with it in the religion so I say OK. But then my mind does a about turn (in the dream) and I say well if you want to just give me bread then you really need to read this, I quickly slip a tract into the first page of the Awake magazine. Please take the time to read it, its really why I am here but don't tell anyone that is JW about this information tract. The tract was 10 reasons why JWs are a dangerous Cult.

    I leave and go back to the women feeling all happy that I had put one over on these smug self righteous women. They were surprised I had no problem placing the literature even though they knew I wasn't really spiritually strong in the religion. My dream ended there with me feeling so good because I could secretly Use the Field Service to incriminate the JW religion.

    I woke up thinking, wouldn't that be great if some of the ones that are still in but don't believe the religion anymore could slip in apostate stuff into the literature. LOL

    I know crazy dream but it was so real. Anyone else have JW related dreams lately because of filling your mind with JWD discussions.

  • still_in74
    The tract was 10 reasons why JWs are a dangerous Cult.

    haha, can you imagine??? well I guess you can!

  • BabaYaga

    Awesome dream, Velvetann... I love the symbolism of him handing you bread... ("the bread of life") and you secretly giving him the actual truth instead of the (T)ruth.


  • Hope4Others

    Cool dream, unfortunately I remember when they were 10 cents. I have had the odd jw dream since being here on jwd but can not re-call them, or just did

    not want to remember. Normally I keep a dream journal might be a thought for you.



  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    I just dream about my fellow JWDers....

  • mouthy

    ROTFL! V.... Now I would say that was a visit from the Holy Spirit....Showing you what to do now... So get going my gal... Knocking on doors with that phamplet...And send your time in to Bethel....
    What the heck did you eat before you went to bed?CHEESE ..I wouldnt want THAT dream.! that is a NIGHTMARE!!!!!

  • wings

    Thank you for sharing. I also am feeling comfortable here, and just want you to know how much I like your posts, and how thoughtful and intuitive you seem to be...I'll be a jedi soon, it took me a year.


  • loosie

    that's cool.

    I've been out of 4 years I still have dreams. It's just yoru way of releasing it. You are normal.

  • Velvetann

    Thanks for your comments everyone, I thought it might be a weird thing to make a topic about but it just seemed weird how the dream came out of nowhere.

    I had no idea how a piece of bread came into the payment instead of the dime. The last time I was in field service I think they were a contribution of a dime. LOL

    The dream was just going on and I was feeling bad about myself in the dream because I was never good at Field Service. I hated it and felt inferior to the householders never mind my fellow JW's so that was normal for me to dream that way. But this apostate tract caming out of the blue in the dream, that was funny to me.

  • Casper

    Wow, Velvetann... what a dream...

    I've been out 10 years and still dream of it once in a while. The last one I had, I was sitting in a waiting room with other "Sisters". I knew each of them, I just lean over get a cigarette out of my purse and light up, like it was nothing... "Priceless".... lol

    Thanks for Sharing,


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