Kigdom Halls/Starbucks/Mayhem

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  • aquagirl

    Ok,So I get invited to go to the "circus servant"special talk thingy tomorrow..This c.s. is such a dick,that this is his last time here.Not even the dull witted members of the local congregation like him.And they are the ones that like having one of the most evil bast**** as their head guy,leader,boss what ever its called now...I am so tempted to go and cause some mayhem.On a most tasteful plain,of course..Any one ever cause any mayhem,at the hall?Like,just for the hall of it?Im open to suggestions...One kid lit a stink bomb in the hall one Sunday,when i was a kid..It was a hoot!!!!..And,Who dosent think that Starbucks would do well at the K.H? Especialy the big sugarfilled flavored drinks.They could give them ecclesiastical names,like Skinny Bean Manna Latte...Last Supper Cappuccino.Judas Espresso..

  • ldrnomo

    How about Over Dosing on a lot of gaseous foods a few hours before the meetang and then let the gas go while there sit about in the middle of the hall so the sweet oder permeates the area.

    They won't invite you back


    Hard boiled eggs

    refried beans



  • OnTheWayOut

    All you really have to do is give a smug "HA" at any point he tries to make.
    You know. The type of laugh that shows you are skeptical of his points.

    Even better, don't go. Let the attendence be 1 lower.

  • UnConfused

    ,,,,I can vouch that the PO she is referring to really is a dickhead. He and his wife look like they were baptized in lemon juice

  • zensim

    Oh Unconfused. I haven't been visiting this site for almost a year and I forgot how god damn funny you are! Thank you for that, I am still pissing myself laughing.

  • Hortensia

    if you are kind of bored and want to cause some mayhem at the KH, arriving late, marching up front with your huge slurpee, slurping noisily just as the c.s. gets to key points, turning around and waving at people, going to the bathroom several times, and asking the stranger next to you to hold your drink each time, well that ought to do it. Or, just don't go - go to the beach instead.

  • Hortensia

    or, let's see, you could arrive late, sit up front, listen until the c.s. gets going full speed ahead, then say "oh shit I thought you all were baptists!" and leave.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I like the HA comment everytime the cs makes a point. But instead of a HA I would make a woo woo woo woo woo like Curly from the Stooges!

  • WTWizard

    I bet that will be the last time you ever get invited if you show up with a copy of Crisis of Conscience in plain sight, and make comments out of it.

  • aquagirl

    lol!!!well,its raining today,and i decided to sleep in and blow it the slurpee suggestion..lemonjuice,love it...i think some seeds are still stuck in their fleshy parts..hey unconfused!!!nice to hear from ya! we should get together for coffee again!

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