The one thing that disturbs me the most about JWs. Why can't they see it?

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  • MinisterAmos

    Ever since day one of our JW experience, we have all been prayed to by the Bro on-stage at least twice per meeting.

    Have any of you ever REALLY listened to what they are asking from God? At the start of my association the prayers were pretty generic, but now *every* one asks that God only provide for other Witnesses. Fark the rest of the world I guess? Is there a difference between this and asking blessing for example for only those members of your race? How about only for residents of only your nation?

    Anyway when this hard-line approach started I actually investigated main-stream churches to see if they did they same; and they don't.

    I couldn't think of anything less "Christian" or less a less responsible way to inculcate the young ones in the congregation!

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Excellent point! The last time I was at a meeting they didn't do this. (Over a year ago). When did they start doing this? When I was a kid in the 60s and 70s the prayers included the elderly and sick ones, the ones unable to attend for x-reason, and for protection from jah for the kids. If they are pushing for more witnesses I think it is because Jesus said to beg the master for more workers. Maybe they feel their load will lighten if more come on board? I think they need to take a dump and unload the whole watchtower from their bowel and they will feel much better....Ahhhhhh

  • odie67

    yeah they ask for jah to protect his "people" (JW"S) they pray for the brothers and sisters worldwide (JW"S only)...oh then every now and then they will mention the scripture "God makes it rain on the righteous and unright" in other words "i know you let these worthless wordly people have sun and rain but please hurry and destroy them so we can pick fruit"

  • Quirky1

    There is a song about that...hmmm let's see....oh yeah, "Blinded by the Light".


  • Guest with Questions
    Guest with Questions

    You mean they sang this song in the Kingdom Hall!!:

  • Guest with Questions
    Guest with Questions

    I apologize if the lyrics are offensive. I found it kind of funny.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    That's pretty narrow-minded and selfish of them, isn't it?

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Good point M Amos, the Jw mindset is let the organization bring up and guide the children and so what do the jw parents do they off the responsibility

    to the borg to do the parenting in doing this way they unload the burden and responsibility off their own shoulders.

    The WTS has always contended that bringing up children in the truth is leading to their own personal salvation,

    unfortunately all whats being done is turning them into mind controlled salespeople for the Publishing House.

    Why would anyone throw their children at the hands of some lying editors of a magazine company is beyond me.

  • BFD

    So by all means keep going and planting your ass in a chair at the KH. Boo f*ckin hoo.

    WTF is wrong with you people? Stand up already.


  • MinisterAmos

    Being in the seat at the KH is the best way to spread dissent.

    When Brother Amos asks "why do we only pray for other JWs when Jesus instructs to to do blah blah blah" you bet your ass that even the most brainwashed of the bunch sit up and take notice.

    Go ahead and keep whining on the web site and let me know how many JWs fade as a result.

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