Which is worse, Adam's sin, or God's reaction to his sin?

by Dirty Rat 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs


    Italian Guy is right.

    God allowed a Being of far far far far superior intelligence to outwit these 2 humanoids who didn't even have enough street smarts to ask..."Hey will this fruit at least get me high?" How fair is that. It's comparable to you playing poker with your dog and when he loses you take him out back and shoot himcause that proves to your neighbors You are smarter (actually my dogs have always been better poker players than me).

    And as others have brought up...what loving father does that to his kids? I might be able to see the whole thing IF it was another couple of humanoids that bamboozeled Adam & Eve...but a heavenly creature with the abilities that the Debill has? Come on people..the Debil can become invisible, can transform himself into a Being of Light and lately he's been transforming himself into Exxon. It's just not fair!


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