Which is worse, Adam's sin, or God's reaction to his sin?

by Dirty Rat 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Dirty Rat
    Dirty Rat

    When you look at all the pain and suffering in this world, and then wonder why God decided that mankind should pay for one man's sin, with interest on top of that, it's revolting.

    No way can the added pain and suffering of billions of people equal the fault that Adam did.

    PS: This is JH , and I can't log on as JH for now because the system can't retreive my last password. Instead, it sends the password I had a few months ago...

  • kls*

    Welcome Newbie DirtyRat to jwd

  • freydi

    It looks pretty incriminating, except when you consider what was at stake.

  • oompa

    Dirty JH Rat: You obviously have no appreciation for how valuable that fruit was. Did you make it? Where you there? That fruit was irreplaceable, unlike all the billions of mankind who can be xeroxed quickly and easily...................oompa

    actually JH, that is such a common sense thought that does not seem to be struggle to arrive at....will run it by my wife and dad

    and to add to the insult...didn't jesus pay off this debt/penalty thing over two thousand years ago?????

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Very good! I'll use this in talking with someone. Fruit=irreplacible(sic), billions of people=clonable in new system.

  • nomoreguilt

    My thoughts all along on this subject have been this: When Adam sinned....ZAP>>>POOF>>>GONE!!! Satan>>>ZAP>>>POOF>>>>GONE!! No need to prove anything to the other myriads of on-looking angels. He proved his power, let's move on and re-create humans.


  • Casper
    No way can the added pain and suffering of billions of people equal the fault that Adam did.

    I totally agree with you JH... It makes no sense what so ever.

    So they ate the fruit, they paid the price... why should you and I and billions of others have to continue to do the same...


  • Galileo

    Yes I totally agree. I think it's crazy how the JW's (and probably some other religions) spin the fact that God let them live long enough to bear children as a loving provision. Say what? Why not just kill them the day that they ate from it, like he said he was going to, then start over. Problem solved! No, his solution is much more loving: six thousand years of disease, slavery, rape, murder, torture, starvation, etc. etc...all to people that did nothing to deserve it but be born "imperfect".

    Add to that that at the time Adam and Eve sinned, they were 100% of the humans created directly by God. 100% of his "perfect" creation showed a major design flaw! Sounds more like an indictment against God than humans. After all, if a potter makes a flawed pot, is it the pot's fault or the one that made it?

  • owenfieldreams

    God is Master of the Universe. As such, he has the right to make rules and HE gets to decide consequences of disobedience--and he also rightly defines what is right or wrong.

  • Bring_the_Light

    The God of the bible is a big dick. I don't know how the sole creator of all things develops such self-esteem problems, but its pretty sick to torment people into loving you, whether you're the supernatural creator of all things, or anyone for that matter.

    Good thing he gave me free will so I can say so. You're a Big DICK, sir. Thanks for creating me, now leave me the fuck alone Mr. Crazypants.

    Maybe God needs to sit down with Dr. Phil for a few hours to really get his issues out there. That's the only way the healing can begin.

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