Those crazy J-dubs are getting aggressive

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  • superman

    While at work today one of my co-workers came into my office and laid some watchtowers on my desk. She knows that I’m a J-Dub, faded, apostate, but I’ve explained to her about the whole deal of DFing and shunning and how for the purpose of my family I’ve just faded. But she was telling me that one of her clients is a J-Dub and offered her some magazines and she kindly refused but the lady wouldn’t let up (basically bullying her) and insisted on how much she would enjoy them, so my co-worker (to be nice) took them. My co-worker and I are pretty cool with one another so I said to her, “Why the f*#% did you take those mags from her, now she is going to think you are interested and will consider you as her ‘call’ and she won’t stop hassling you”. My co-worker was somewhat surprised because she thought she was just being nice to her client and she told me that now she doesn’t know what to do because she doesn’t want to get caught up, but she also doesn’t want to lose a client. She told me about how her and her boyfriend always have J-Dubs coming to their house and how they’ve tried to be nice by kindly saying “I’m not interested” but the each time they just start asking her more questions, and she even said one time this old guy stuck his foot in her doorway when she tried to close it during their conversation. She said she doesn’t want to have to hide from them because Saturday is usually the day her and her boyfriend do yard work, play with their son, and the dogs, but they’ll even come around to the back of her house if they see them out there. Since I know most of the J-dubs around her area I told her this, “Don’t tell any of them I personally told you this, but next time one comes to your door simply say you used to be one of them and you are now an APOSTATE”! I even wrote it down for her and said leave this near your door. I told her that if she said that to them they would end the conversation abruptly and that they wouldn’t bother her anymore. We’ll see how it goes!

  • Honesty

    The best way to keep the JW wolves away is to utter the "Apostate" word.

  • Mary

    Tell her to bring this out next time they come and say "..I have a couple of questions for you..." I guarantee you they won't be back:

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Or request to be a DNC?

  • logic&reason

    I think "Apostate" may be one of the most fear inspiring words to a JW.

  • jamiebowers

    This reminds me of a funny story...Several years ago my friend was having the same problem with jws coming to her door all of the time. I told her to tell them that they really shouldn't come to her house, because she is disfellowshipped. Well, later while we were on the phone, they came to her door again. She told me to hold on and then came back to the phone and said, "They're just looking at me like I'm crazy. I told them I am DEFELLOWSHIPPED".

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    The witnesses that I know with the aggressive attitude are conforntational and seek to dominate the territory. I have heard many of them say that they love nothing better than a real good argument. If I were in your woworker's shoes I would tell tehm the next time they come to not wever come back unless they want to have a harrassment, stalking and trespassing charge put on them.

    "Death To the wacthtower!
    Death To their Governing body of Perverted Old Molesting Swine!"

  • steve2

    No, the JWs are not getting aggressive; don't misuse this over-used word.

    JWs were significantly more aggressive in the 1930s and 40s, literally putting their foot in doors. Today, the average JW is a limp-wristed, simpleton, looking sideways before daring to preach the message. Today's JWs are pale-imitations of my grandfather's generation who lived, breathed and ended their grey-haired days with endless door-knocking and street corner-preaching, amid conditions of extreme hardship. They were well and truly aggressive, and so thoroughly well-versed in defending their faith that, at their loudest, they were well and truly worth hiding from!

  • nelly136

    maybe telling your friend to send a "DO NOT CALL" letter to the local hall with a footnote about any further calls being regarded as harrassment, might be an idea.

    When I've used the I'm dfd, to get rid of them from my doorstep in the past it tends to work usually, but twice its been followed up by elders turning up on my doorstep wanting to see if I will change my mind and go back.

  • WTWizard

    If all else fails, try the D word. There is nothing they are afraid of more than the demons. And pretending to call on legions of them to harass them is sure to send the witlesses packing. The illusion will work better if you also pull out a Ouija board--the witlesses are deathly terrified by those things.

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