I totally cross Xbox 360 off my want list.

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  • 5go

    My cousin has one and loves it. Though I don't see why he has had in the shop more than he has played it.

    It sent it in threee time for one issue. Which they finally gave up on and sent him a new one only now it has the new problem plaguing xbox 360 no video.

  • marmot

    The newest ones have a new motherboard and chipset that fixes the dreaded "red ring of death" issue.

    I've had mine since October and have put it through seriously heavy use and it runs just fine. It's also covered by a 4-year warranty from microsoft in case the problem does occur.

    Get one, it doesn't make sense to be a rabid fanboy anymore 'cause there are too many good games available for it. My brother has a PS3 and while I like it, it has barely a handful of games worth owning and there's not much in the pipeline except for Metal Gear Solid 4.

  • 5go

    Retailers are reporting 33% failure rate. That was enough to make me not want it as my first new system, but these problem with my cousins machine cinches it.

  • Metamorphosis

    I've had mine for over a year now and no problems. Really enjoyed Assain's Creed and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Just started Army of Two and Mass Effect. All 4 of those games are awesome.


  • 5go

    One thing I don't get where people think PS3 doesn't have any games. It has all the game you just mentioned and they play better on PS3. except for creed, I hear that one does play better on 360.

    Not only that but online gaming is free!

  • Caedes

    I was pretty sure that mass effect was a 360 exclusive, I've had my 360 for a year now and not had any problems. Well other than playing it too much!

    I was intending to get a ps3 but the lack of backwards compatibility has put me off somewhat. At the moment I cant see anything that looks to me like a must play game for the PS3, though I'm sure that will change.

  • IP_SEC

    Mine is over a year old with no problems. Use the crap out of it too.

  • 5go
  • Crumpet

    One reason for Xbox 360 - Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

    Mine became a casualty of separation last year, but I bought myself a Wii Nintendo to cheer myself up. And cheered I am - Resident Evil 4 erased any post 360 depression.

  • Terrible_Trygon

    If you do not want a X-box 360 that doesn't over-heat, get the X-box 360 Elite. They never over-heat.

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