Funniest Meeting Memories

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  • KKLUV155

    Once when I was about 16 at the monday night book study, this one elders wife was giving a comment. She was trying to quote the verse woe to the woman with a suckling (spelling?) child. Instead she said woe to the woman sucking a child. She never even realized she said it. I thought I would die laughing.

    Another time I was at a Kingdom hall remodel. There was this really nice looking young guy. He was trying to impress us young sisters and decided to jump off the roof but didn't notice there was plywood leaning against the eave of the roof. As he jumped both of his feet caught the wood and he hit the ground flat on his chest. Really knocked the wind out of him. I don't remember seeing him at that kingdom hall anymore.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    We had an older sister in our hall that inevitably would pass gas anytime she bent down to get her books . One night she was sitting in front of our family and sure enough she bends over and ripppppps one .....then she turns to my son and loudly says " Was that you ?" ..... It was funny because I think she malicously got back at the young ones that always snickered behind her back . Even though it reallllly ticked my son off .

    At an assembly one time a mother was carrying her baby out of the auditorium when her slip slid down to her ankles right in front of the stage everyone could see .....She didn't miss a step just walked right out of it ,kicked it up to her hand, and kept on walking . I wanted to clap !

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    several times we had someone mis pronounce and say orgasm instead of organism. Immorality for immortality....always hoping for a good time they were

  • chuckyy

    One i remember was an old elder referring to the " semen on the mount" during a talk. Another old lech in the book study that was always eyeing up the bookstudy conductors wife, answered, and instead of saying "in the resurrection", came out with "in the ERECTION" ,as he was looking at the elders wife.


  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    We were very fortunate to be in a congregation with many characters and a lot of humour. I miss that.

    One time, one of the dear old brothers in our hall was selected to describe what was going on in a picture featured in the Watchtower one Sunday - he went on and on for what seemed like an hour, describing the situation like it was a real event about real people when it was just a staged photo. The brother taking the study slowly started to lose it and ended up crying with laughter, holding on tightly to the rostrum so he wouldn't fall to the floor laughing - there were tears rolling down his cheeks and the rest of congregation took their cue and were also crying with laughter. Funniest moment ever.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    This was before a bookstudy. It was just my gran and I and another older sister there at the time. It was winter and this older sister had taken off her hat and coat and sat down. I noticed her hair looked kind of strange, it was all pinned down close to her head. She was sitting there talking to my gran and reflectively put her hand to her head. Then both hands flew up and she was patting her head and she had a startled look on her face! She whipped out a wig from her bag and planted it on her head LOL LOL.


  • seattleniceguy

    There was an older, kind of absent-minded brother in my congregation, Brother Wood. One day he had a talk from one of the little books in the Galations-Ephesians-Phillipians-Collossians series. He gives a natural enough introduction, but when he opens his bible to do the reading, he flips to the wrong book. So instead of Galations chapter 3, he's in like Collossians chapter 3. Actually the reading wasn't an entire chapter, but a snip right from the middle, like versus 20 through 36 or something, which in Galatians lined up neatly with the paragraph boundaries, but in Collossians made no sense, like it started in the middle of a sentence or something.

    Anyway, poor Brother Wood never noticed. He just read the whole thing, then gave his conclusion with a faintly confused look on his face. He must have been thinking, "I swear this made more sense at home!" Everyone in the hall was just cringing the whole time.


  • dawg

    Brother "B" a close friend of my family, needs to relieve himself of some vaporous air if you know what I mean... he goes into the overflow room and lets it fly. This overflow room was one where it had blinds that could be raised or lowered; it had glass that kept it separate as far as noise goes but could be seen from the platform if needs be. For this reason, it had microphones for answering questions.

    An open mike was sitting on the arm of a chair when brother "B" lets it fly, all through the main auditorium several farts could be heard! A great and shining moment in the life of a 16 year old.... thank you God for ending the boredom of that WT study!

  • DaCheech

    I was asked by a sister to record the meeting for her, i said ok that i would.

    after realizing i had no blank cassettes, i went to the car to get one.

    i found a def leppard copy and figured I could always re-record it from my cd.

    i put it in the congregation tape recorder. when the brother doing the talk (CO) got up, i pressed the record button (the tab was pressed on the tape) def leppard played

    pretty loud for 10 seconds until my fumbling found the right button and stopped it...... everyone was looking at me in the sound booth

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