Do Parents Have the Right to Force Religion on Their Kids?

by maxwell 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Xena

    Great post AGuest!

  • R.Crusoe

    This question is like a question within a question!

    Excellent WT food! They love circles in spirals to get loaded off.

    Firstly convince the adult they need to get into religion before god gets them!

    Then that it's their responsibility to get kids to do the same else they have blood on their hands!

    The answer to the question is NO but with the above in mind what chance does a kid have?

  • Terry

    As the father of seven kids, I just want to jump in a say one thing about "force" and parenting.

    Force is not a skill. It is what inept parenting resorts to instead of skill.

    Persuasion by leadership and empathy are the only parenting strategies which demonstrate a rational mind at work using intelligence.

    Force is the last refuge of weak parents who, themselves, were poorly dealt with.

    "Spanking never hurt me." That's a chilling statement. (Stockholm Syndrome at work :)

    End of speech.

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