JW Take on Matt 18 and Reporting "Sin" to "Elders"

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  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Screw them! My wife and I have done a little bit of group sex here and there and had other fun from time to time. We never felt the need to tell anyone! Her brother's wife was screwing her boss and when her hubby found out he didn't blab. They took a trip to Rome, had a second honeymoon and fixed the thing themselves! Again I say SCREW the washtowel and their nosiness!

  • undercover
    BTW undercover, you're not downunder are you?

    Sorry, mate...I'm in the States.

    My handle sort of represented my state of being when I was first questioning and researching the Society. I was torn between everything I was taught my entire life and the new info I was learning. I was afraid to post on an "apostate" site at first, so I kinda felt like an 'undercover' apostate.

    And to minimus...you nosy elder you I bet you want to hear all the sordid details and want to know what kind of underwear I was wearing too, huh?

  • OnTheWayOut
    I know that happens and I could argue that the KS actually allows for that or could be narrowly interpreted to that end by a decent fair minded person.

    I actually could agree. The thing is, these guys don't apply it evenly. An elder's sins are overlooked so
    he can remain an elder. An elder's family is treated fairly by looking into sins and deciding that
    counsel was sufficient. Friends may be treated fairly, also. But the member who is not "reaching out"
    or who doesn't host the C.O. to a meal- well this member is seen in a compromising position and
    the full court of the Body of Elders investigates, forms the judicial committee, insists that restrictions
    must be applied. Many of the committee elders have either done worse or dismissed family members
    for worse, but they sit and judge and apply restrictions.

    Justice means "just us."

  • Frank75
    OTWO: The thing is, these guys don't apply it evenly.

    So true what you said. I know and so does this goof ball "elder", that what you describe is usually the way things work out.

    But again my clown elder buddy wasn't saying that him and his wife secretly go out and have group sex and hide it from the other elders. He said the position I stated of the OM book and the KS is not true. As in you guys said in 1968 that "the destruction of this system of things was just a few years away" and the response "no we did not!"

    My above email was dismissed with this:

    Hi Frank75, I think I need to be very clear with you on how I view the type of dialogue you outline below – I simply don’t view it as productive. In the end neither one of us has plans to change and that’s why I don’t see the value in a discussion of this nature
    I respect your position and you have every right to your thoughts on any matter related to the bible or any other secular publication as do I. I would simply prefer to shelve the discussion and focus on the business issue that YOUR COMPANY has. Regards, X

    Never did I say it is "my position" being presented. Nor do I desire him to change his religion or position on what he personally believes. Just acknowledge that this is the official CURRENT position of his cult er uh religion!

    I sensed that X, however I consider it very productive to ascertain a persons honesty, willingness to acknowledge a mistake and even apologize. How would it not be productive for me to see a JW elder tell the truth and humbly acknowledge a mistake for a change? I don't give a rats ass what the WT says about this or that or what you believe. Nowhere below do I tell you what you should believe or force you to accept anything that you don't already espouse. I only care that YOU be honest with me. I stated a fact and you told me I was wrong. You never once said, "Well the Society says that, but I believe this." Your lack of response is all that matters to me now. If you cannot be honest with me in matters of your Faith how on earth can I trust you to be so in business? I just cannot. Therefore we have nothing ELSE to discuss. Thanks for your time the other day. If you ever wish to have an honest discussion about anything, I am always here.

    I know I know, it's a waste of time.

    But if just one limbo JW sees what he is up against it helps them to make a decision, this post has served its purpose


  • Frank75

    I should send a copy of our email exchange along with a cover letter to the Society.

    Waddya think? I don't think they would let it go really.


    Dear Bethel:

    I am a notorious local Apostate and the other day......

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