Why can the governing body perform a cost benefit analysis when...

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  • DT

    the dubs aren't supposed to?

    I remember being told that the book study was a necessary provision. It was expected that the dubs would make whatever sacrifices were needed to attend. Sometimes the sacrifices were extreme. Some would quit their jobs or turn down employment or face dangers from weather, animals or warfare to attend. It was tempting to weigh the benefits of the bookstudy against the cost of attending, but this was strongly discouraged. I would sometimes miss a book study for a good reason other than being sick, but there was always guilt involved.

    Now the governing body eliminated the book study as a separate meeting. It comes down to a cost verses benefit analysis. Fuel prices are up and that time can be better used for family or personal study. It is hard to grasp why the governing body can make this kind of decision for everybody, but it is wrong for someone to make this kind of decision for himself or his family. Don't family heads have the Biblical responsibility to do what is best for their family?

    The governing body is setting a dangerous precedent. They have admitted that one of the meetings isn't necessary and it isn't worth any sacrifice to attend. They have pretty much admitted that for many dubs the cost exceeded the benefit of attending that "spiritual provision" How
    can they justify putting so much pressure on the dubs in the past to attend that meeting?

    There's always the unity defense, the idea that the dubs have to be united in what they do. This is a hard sell. It's one thing to claim that a dub has to do something difficult because it is in his best interest. It's a very different situation to admit that doing that may not be in his best interest, but should be done anyway to preserve unity. How many people are going to be willing to endanger their physical, mental, emotional, financial or spiritual well being for the abstract concept of unity? Once it is admitted that "spiritual provisions" can be subjected to a cost verses benefit analysis, it can be argued that everyone, especially family heads, have a responsibility to "count the cost" when deciding what spiritual
    activities are worth their efforts. So far, it sounds like most of the dubs are responding in a typically cult like way to this announcement. I wonder how many will start to think about the consequences of this after some time has passed. I think human nature will help many to see this as an opportunity to slack off in other areas. What do you think?

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Like previous posters have said, the gig is up! And the GB know it. And we know that they know it. And more and more of the R&F are waking up to it too...did I say THE GIG IS UP?

  • oompa

    DT R U A CPA?.............................oompa

  • 5go

    No they didn't. They just put it with one of the others meeting for now.

    Which is how most will see it.

  • easyreader1970

    My wife is extremly upset about this. She has been since Sunday afternoon. "I don't see it as a burden!" she said to me later. She can't say that she is upset with the GB for taking it away (for that would be blasphemy!) but she can just say that she is disturbed.

    "I thought the whole purpose of the meeting wasn't so much to study the literature but to fellowship on a small level, to get to know the Friends, to build closer bonds," and so on.

    They have now deemed the book study as no longer necessary and they said as much in the scripture they quoted. So I see your point, DT. Why can't we make that judgment based on our own circumstances but they can?

  • DT
    DT R U A CPA?.............................oompa

    No, I just think my time and energy are valuable resources.

    No they didn't. They just put it with one of the others meeting for now.

    Which is how most will see it.

    Yes, they can claim that they didn't eliminate the meeting. They just rearranged things. The problem is that they changed the format, time, place and even the name. I think it is fair to see they got rid of the bookstudy. They just softened the blow by carving out a small chunk from the other meetings to do something that only vaguely resembles the bookstudy.

  • booby




    The congregation book study fills a vital need in our spiritual progress. If some of us have failed to see the reasons for the emphasis being placed on this important arrangement, it would be good to take a fresh look at our view toward the book study to which we are assigned. Do we see why we all should have deep appreciation for this loving provision from Jehovah?

  • DT


    Welcome to JWD.

    The congregation book study fills a vital need in our spiritual progress.

    That's a great quote. If it fills a vital need, why should they care about gas prices?

  • BluesBrother

    Easyreader - My wife is very upset about this too. She is hopping mad at the G/B for taking away the "best meeting"..She doesnt know what the Org is coming to, and blames the newer members of the G/B for messing things up...At least she says that to me ! but I am sure that tonight at the group she will also express her disappointment and dismay

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I have spoken to a number of JW's who are really upset about this change too.

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