Are Any Of You Having Difficulty Making Ends Meet?

by minimus 47 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Times are really tough everywhere!!

    Before 9/11/2001 things were so much better.

  • Finally-Free

    So far I'm doing ok. I just bought a house, 4 years after I lost my last one in my marital breakdown. My challenge is to get it paid off by the time I retire in 15 years.


  • golf2

    I have my own house and additional large buildings on my property. My daughter pays rent (not much) and my sons have the bottom portion where they have their internet radio station,( I daily think of people having to cope with today's expenses and I just shake my head. What's happening to the middle class is scary, not to mention the poor. Things will get worse.


  • Sunnygal41

    let cable go, keep our heat at 62, one car, just about making it. car is a small four cylinder, and is basically used to get back and forth to work, and home. monday, i put $40 in and it just filled my tank. we don't go out anywhere, grocery shop as carefully as possible and pack lunches.


  • Seeker4

    Yeah. I'm paying my ex-wife's car payment - $350 - plus half the expenses on that house, expenses here with Lori, and the rising prices have taken us to the edge.

    Gas is ridiculous - I'm in the process of getting a motorcycle on the road.- Using my tax refund for that.

    I always shop food sales to keep the costs down, and I put in two raised beds to grow some of our own food this summer. I used to pay 49 cents a pound for chicken thighs on sale. They were $1.99 at the last sale.

    No raises at ALL in three years!!

    Yeah, this economy sucks!! I lost the equivalent of $1000 in my 401K during the first quarter of this year.

    I'm checking my savings account for when I get the economic incentive payment. I'll just use it as a buffer to keep me afloat for a while.

    This administration will go down in history as a huge disaster. The war, the economy, the environment. I'd like to have a government that protected us from credit card companies that can charge you 20%, 30% or more and outrageous penalties for being a day late on a payment! Instead, we've got a government that protects them from us!!


  • yknot

    Tough all over......

    Shopping the perimeter of the grocery store only now.

    Gasoline prices eating almost half of income.

    We refinanced so mortgage is less then $400, utilities are rising fast.

    Started to sell stuff on ebay.....

    If things continue to go south......I will be separating from hubby to qualify for assistance, until I finish school.

  • snowbird

    We're eating a lot of veggies and cereal.

    I've had to hit my 19-year old up for the mortgage payment, but I should have that paid off in '09.

    I can't even afford pig tails anymore!


  • stillajwexelder

    No - in fact I have more money now then I have ever had

  • stillajwexelder

    Life is good

  • restrangled

    Things I never thought about have now become a concern. I watch the bank balance daily, avoid short trips to the grocery store, errands etc., and get it all done in one fell swoop.

    We haven't eaten out in a while. I watch for 2 for 1 sales at the grocery store and use coupons. Where I normally would be running the air conditioning during the day by myself, I have shut it off and throw open the doors. I try to cook on the grill as much as possible so to not heat up the house. Last year our power bills were over $450.00 a month. I've got them cut back to about $220.00 or less. (lights off at all times if not in the room) I have also unplugged all unused TV's, Vcrs, etc.

    My husband drives a Ford F150 back and forth to work. Costs 60.00 to get it full if not more. He probably fills up 3 times a week.

    I quit Sprint and signed up with cable for telephone service, I am about ready to cancel HBO. My son had a great job with Sprint, he took care of computer problems all over the United States from his base here. Sprint just laid off 4000 employees in Florida, my son was one of the last to go.....he now can't find work.

    We are not hurting, but it feels suddenly tight. Groceries seem outrageous....I went to buy a spice the other day...$6.00 for a tiny jar. I put it back on the shelf. $1.00 for a can for dog food. When you go through 3 cans a day x 30 days.....that's 90 bucks a month plus the dry food and pet medication, vaccinations, tags etc. ! (Well, I guess pets are priceless!)


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