Are Any Of You Having Difficulty Making Ends Meet?

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  • minimus

    Has this economy been very tough on you and your family???

    How are you coping with high gas prices and the cost of living??

  • blondie

    We are fairly frugal and have stable government jobs. We don't overdo the credit cards either. But gas has zoomed up in our budget and food has gone up about 40%. We just eat out less and buy locally.

  • undercover

    Money's tight...we've had to make some adjustments to our way of living and spending.

    Fuel costs are starting to affect us. I've started trying to conserve fuel in the way I drive and how I plan my trips. I'm using a motorcycle for more and more trips instead of just for fun.

    Entertainment dollars are almost non-existent. Dining out has become a once in a while thing when it used to be our normal way of getting meals. We're planning more trips closer to home for vacations instead of air travel or long distance driving.

  • Nosferatu

    My balls are touching my chin. I plan to have them half way down my throad by the summer.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I have noticed that my frugal driving habits [I don't jack-rabbit start, nor speed needlessly] are being more acceptable. People that would have poured on the coals to get past me a few months ago when I was driving at 55 [the speed limit], seem more content to sit in my lane and coast along without complaint.

    Sure - budgets are a little tighter I suppose. But we have had no serious effects at this point. Of course we don't drive that far, and we have always paid attention to food purchase bargains.


  • nicolaou

    All the best to everyone, times are tough. Just think, while people everywhere are making every penny count the Watchtower carries on proclaiming idiocy like this;

    True wisdom will soon ‘preserve alive its owners’ in an unprecedented way—protection through the fast-approaching "great tribulation," when God destroys the wicked. (Matthew 24:21) At that time people will be throwing their money into the streets as "an abhorrent thing," according to the Bible.

    The Watchtower February 1st 2001 p7 FindingSecurityinaRisk-FilledWorld

  • wings

    I'm more worried about my future than I am my situation today. I have to start a new career, and after I get my mom in a nursing home, I will be financially on my own for the first time in my adult life. Where to go? What to do?


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Yes, Minimus:

    Since I want to avoid going back on government assistance, it's proving all the more difficult. A recent job-related injury has me losing much well-paying manual labor. Teaching assignments are at an all-time low. But my art has been selling - go figure!

    I often stay home days at a time, driving only when necessary and no longer charging gas. In fact, if I don't have the cash, I do without. Charging gas and groceries was a big mistake. And my rental is for sale. Though nothing is selling here, if I end up having to move, that would be a real pain - financially and otherwise.

    Other than that, everything is just wonderful!

    Thanks for asking,


  • brunnhilde

    I'm a newly single mom so things were already hard. Rent just went up, food of course and gas is crippling, even with a car with great gas mileage. So yeah, it's a struggle. I'm hanging on waiting for the tax refund and stimulus check...


  • Casper

    So far things are fine in our household. Our house and vehicles are paid for and no credit card debt.

    Hubby has recently retired, and we are on a fixed income, plus savings for the first time. We shall see how that works out.

    He does have one of those huge diesel guzzling trucks tho... so have been driving my car mostly and making less trips.


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