when the other shoe drops.....

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    Thanks for the tip. I am eliminating all my stock positions and investing in building a Kingdom Hall with 6 way leather seats so I can be comfortable in the back rows.

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    different singer, same old song

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    I said there will be a CATALYST EVENT in May that will cause all this to happen. And even though you have twisted my words...all of that information was intended as background clarification for the real intention of my post, which is the change of teachings that will be coming from the Society. To back up and clarify for you, "catalyst" is something that sets other things in motion. If you think back to the tsunami of Dec. 2004, an undersea earthquake errupted. Like a domino effect, it took a period of time for the silent tsunami to show itself. It was several hours before the world knew what had happened. And those that witnessed the tsunami only knew it at that instant when it was upon them. It came sudden and with surprise! The scriptures tell us that Babylon will be destroyed in an hour. Of course Watchtower says it has already happened...but it should be obvious to anyone with common sense and a little discernment that it is still a future event. Babylon is still in full swing and will not be completely destroyed until the return of Jesus. This catalyst event is the beginning of this "last hour". It will set a chain of events in motion. It could be like the undersea earthquake ( I am using an analogy here...I am not predicting a literal earthquake and don't want people twisting my words again) and will take a few "hours" until you see the domino effect. OR it could be the tsunami right on top of you that you did not see coming. "If a day is like a thousand years", then an hour would be.......(where's OBVES when you need him?) Anyway, I am sure this "last hour" is not a literal "hour" as applied to our time values of sixty minutes. I am using this word metaphorically, in case there are readers who are inclined to twist my words on this. The tsunami itself was a catalyst event for further repercussions. This domino effect not only caused tragic death and destruction, but also, those areas affected continued to suffer the slow destruction of the natural resources....contamination of the soil and gradual death of vegetation in the area long after the tsunami swept ashore. A catalyst event can have far reaching consequences and may exact great changes in lifestyle, landscape, and spiritual philosophies. As far as the result of the current "catalyst event" at hand, the exact words given to me were "All hands will drop". This indicates to me a great economic crisis. Businesses will fold up and employment opportunities will be dry, dry, dry. If hands are not busy, that indicates NO WORK. I should like to turn attention to the main purpose of my post now. The focus should be on the changes coming about with the Society's teachings during this time. In a time of chaos, their focus will shift away from the reality of what is at hand, to something fantasy and escapist. Isn't this in keeping with what they have always done? (when times were good, they advertised coming doom; in the midst of doom they will advertise the "paradise and promised land") Also, by not acknowledging the chaotic plight at hand, there will be no help or solutions forthcoming. Only more fairy tales to distract you from the reality and lead you "onwards to paradise". It will be rather akin to telling a person on deathbed with pneumonia.."oh, it's just a little cold. Have some chicken soup." Just as you were taught that the best way to help the poor, starving, and unclothed was to hand them a magazine, so The Tower will do unto its slaves in their greatest time of trouble. In their hour of need, The JWs will receive nothing more than new spiritual fantasy food...like a plastic fruit arrangement...it will look appealing, it will even deceive some, but in actuality, it can never "nourish" anyone. Once more, the food is not real. There is NO paradise coming. This new flurry of literature on bringing in the paradise is just to keep the masses calm. When people are frightened, they are more vunerable. Since they (JWs) are not used to thinking for themselves, they will look to their leaders to tell them what to think now that this "doom" is upon them. "What next? What now?" they will ask. And the Society will feed them the next mental trip. Another "mind game". ...What? You have no food at home? How can you think of such trivial things when the KINGDOM IS SOOOOO CLOSE. Why, there will be a chicken in every pot soon enough. What have you done for the kingdom today? The Society is gradually becoming reconciled with aspects of worldly christendom. This is another of my points. They will begin to gently usher their captives into the oneness movement. This will take a period of a couple of years to accomplish. They begin by "accentuating the positive"....bringing out the similarities. At the same time, christiandom has been going through some transformations as well. This is given in more detail in the above post. In my previous post I mentioned the "Marriage Feast". My bad. It will probably be referred to as the Wedding Supper. (Marriage Feast is after the wedding.) There will be upcoming articles on "Sharing the Table". The underlying focus will be on the union of all religions. As far as the rumors about "changes in disfellowshipping" ... the only thing I know is this. Although many religions have used different reasons for baptism...."remission of sins" "to receive the holy spirit" "to publically acknowledge Jesus" "to be born again as a new person" "to become a church member".....all of these reasons are now going through a unifying change in all denominations. It is now being said that Baptism is a SEALING. A Baptism cannot be undone. Many churches now will not re-Baptise unless your Baptism was as an infant or if your baptism has been declared "invalid". When changing from one faith to another, many denominations now have done away with the practice of re-baptising into a new faith. Many are now conducting some sort of confirmation ritual instead. (Annointing your head with oil; or asking a person to give a public declaration of faith, etc.) Because you have been "Sealed into the Kingdom" you have been "marked" with this seal of baptism. For the christians, they are being told they have been "sealed into the family of god". (just a slight distinction of words here.) The reason for this is because the words "seal" and "mark" will be used interchangeably. WHY? Because when the chip implants become the current reality, these people will be told the chip implant is not "mark of the beast" and besides, you have already received your "mark" for the kingdom through your baptism. They will tell you that taking the chip implant does not mean anything. (It is just another part of this Great Deception that will soon be taking place over the next couple of years.) When the Society begins to speak of this sealing, and the fact that those who are DA and DF are still sealed for the kingdom but will loose out if not repentant, that will be the catalyst for the "bring back the lost sheep" campaign. You may receive "special literature" or maybe even a personal letter from active JWs you haven't heard from in a while. As I said before, the ultimate reason for this is so there can be complete detatchment from you later without any second thoughts. This is to assuage all guilt from relatives and friends by "having tried" to get through to you. My words are to the Overcomers.

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    Umm question. Do you really think the BORG leaders are that sharp?

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