when the other shoe drops.....

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  • winnower

    SO the rumor mill threw you a bone to chew on and now you assume the Society is crumbling. In true Tower fashion, they have once again only allowed you to know a half truth. In the next few months you will see the society's stronghold on your loved ones become stronger than it has ever been. The reason the BS has been shortened and combined with MS/TMS is because the Bible (except for a few well chosen scriptures) will take a back seat and become less important in the near future as the new doctrines are brought forth. That's right. This book study change is simply to make way for a new program. And this new program is what the JWs have been waiting for forever. -------"Preparing for the Marriage Feast" --------This new program is designed to inculcate them in the steps of implementating the Paradise Earth.That will be the major theme next year. Right now, they will start heavy preparation work to lead to this. Why at this time? Because the month of May will give new meaning to the phrase May Day . A catastrophic event is about to happen. The economic/financial system is about to fold up and wall street will walk away with their empty briefcases. This event is a catalyst, a trumpet blast, if you will. It sets all other things in motion for this final phase of the "Divine Plan of the Ages". It has all been calculated and planned to the minutest detail. It is all orchestrated, so don't delude yourselves that this is an "unforseen" occurance. You have long been warned, but you have been in denial. Like the story of the little boy who cried "wolf". You have heard it so many times that you are jaded to it. And others of you are just resigned to it because of bitterness and weariness. The day the wolf comes, you don't believe it because you have heard it too many times before. One of the Society's planned campaigns sometime after this "catalyst event" will be to put out a "last call" to the "lost sheep"...that's you....the faders and (maybe) some apostates. Expect a short campaign of hearing from former friends and estranged JW family members. There will be strict rules about the interaction. They will implore you to repent and return. Because of the economic chaos and panic that will ensue over the next few months, many defectors may return to the Mother at this time. (Thus, the new importance of "family night bible study") This lost sheep campaign is an act of "duty"--- not love. This is a maneuver so that the wbts captives will feel vindicated later when you are totally cut off from their grandiose "paradise plans" and they can say "we tried". It is merely a tactic to alleviate the R and F of future personal guilt toward family members and any sense of loss of family or friends. When the final implementation of the program comes about in a year or so, there will be no second thoughts of you. When you see things fall into place, do not be deceived thinking that this organization has some divine communication. The greater forces behind and beyond the Society have planned all of this and that is why the timing will apppear to be so perfect. The powers at the top of the Towers know this catalyst event is about to occur and once that happens the Tower talk will turn from the "impending Armageddon " to "bringing in the new system". There will be no need to talk of " armageddon " their version of it is already here...let's move on to the future ahead of us. (Also, it will help to keep the R & F distracted from the reality of the situation in front of them). Be warned: This is NOT armageddon . This is the start of the Great Tribulation which will bring in the Great Deception. The Society will be a part of the Great Deception. The lies and twisted roads of the Tower you experienced in the past was just "practice". Now you will see how it all fits together. They have proven their methods of mind control. Now their masses will be herded into the corrals they have planned for them. Should you go back, you will be disciplined with "thought reform" and in your penance, you will be treated shabbily. Remember that if you do go back, you will forever sit on the back row as an example of those who are "allowed back" but can never hope to attain the "inner circle" again. Should you decide to go back, know that what you learn will only be more lies and you will be participating in the Great Deception. If you are keen, you will begin to notice that that the Tower is gently guiding the flock in the same direction as the UN one world/one religion agenda. How do they do this? Well, for starters, the printed material will subtly begin to "accentuate the similarities" of the Jehovah's Witnesses to other religions. "we are really not so different" they will claim. In the last issue, "Yielding" was emphasised. This will become a key word during the year as WT doctrine begins to bend and mesh with doctrines of christendom through finding the common ground of similarities. Next month "marriage" is a key word. It will take on deeper meaning than man-woman relationship. This "marriage" is preparing for the union of "Israel and Judah" and eventually, acceptance of members of other religions to be included in the "marriage feast". Take a look at the definitions of this word YIELD. 3 : to give up possession of on claim or demand: as a : to give up (as one's breath) and so die b : to surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another : hand over possession of c : to surrender or submit (oneself) to another d : to give (oneself) up to an inclination, temptation, or habit e : to relinquish one's possession of (as a position of advantage or point of superiority ) <yield precedence> Yield is also a synomyn for compromise. (sometime next year:) When the original guests decline the feast invitation (you lost sheep do not return), they will go to the streets to invite everyone to the marriage feast. The JWs will turn to include the 'good people' involved in the same christendom they once considered as satans army. They will YIELD (aka "relax" and "compromise") their criteria for inclusion and for the sake of unity. (christendom is coming into compromise also) Were not the street beggars invited to the feast according to the parable? Those who cannot abide all these new fast paced changes about to occur and continue to hold to the "old beliefs" (not accepting the new light) will be known as...those who cannot travel on to the Promised Land because their thinking will not make way for the new. They, like the faders and apostates, will be left out. (Do not be deceived by their New Light.) This is the new material the Tower is proclaiming to the world about their organization. What I am about to tell you is not "prediction" nor speculation. This is fact. These things have already been published and put out to various "umbrella" organizations, committees, and councils that are religion based and operating under the guidelines of the UN. These are the subtle "jot and tittle" changes. Of course, the wording given to the cong will be so subtle it will seem as though it has "always meant this". 1. Disfellowshipping in the congregation is similar to excommunication practiced in all religions. The chuch never kicks anyone out; the person has kicked themselves out by not abiding doctrine. The church has merely made an announcement that the person is errant and not to be followed. The ultimate goal of shunning is meant to restore one to fellowship and to cease their error. When a repentant attitude is shown, the elders can hope for bringing the offender back into a right understanding of the scripture. The person is still a Jehovah's Witness as baptism cannot be "undone". 2. A revision of "apostacy". The teaching that the whole of christendom is fulfillment of the apostacy, will be changed to reflect the mass falling-away of "all former believers" during the end times as the apostacy. (New Light) 3. 144, 001 Jesus has been demoted. He is merely added as an extra to the 12 tribes. Nowhere does the Bible say 144,001. Jesus is no longer superior or even equal to the angels when reduced to the level of one of the 144, 000. But he is not even one of the 144, 000. He is ("merely" a plus one (+1); "just" the first to receive this resurrection. This, like many other JW doctrines is blatantly made -up. Nowhere else will you see such a bastardization as 144, 001. Jesus is not set apart. Over the next year, he will be minimized even more. (what do you think anti-christ means??) Changes in Christendom 1. Over the past few years more churches have begin to give up pagan holidays and tell the truth of those origins. According to new WTS philosophy, these people who have come to know the truth of those things and act accordingly in not celebrating the pagan rites have a good chance of being included in the wedding feast. 2. Icons and religious symbols will be tossed as all religions have been going through a transformation for several years. The focus is that "all roads lead to god" and "the Kingdom of god is within (us)." (There is no "real" external god?) These things are prepatory for mankind to bring into existence the "Paradise". A man-made movement "divinely" guided by a powerful bunch of skilled bullies at the top. Thats all for now.

  • DJK
    May Day . A catastrophic event is about to happen. The economic/financial system is about to fold up and wall street will walk away with their empty briefcases. This event is a catalyst, a trumpet blast, if you will. It sets all other things in motion for this final phase of the "Divine Plan of the Ages". It has all been calculated and planned to the minutest detail. It is all orchestrated, so don't delude yourselves

    I don't think my thoughts on this are a delusion in any way. What I see is just another false prophecy from the WTS.


  • BreakingAway

    When the other shoe drops.....

    ...you'll have two shoes.

    And these shoes were made for walkin...

  • BFD

    Are we allowed to throw rice after the wedding?


  • Honesty

    You need to start going to the meetings again.

    The elders will bring you back to an acceptable level of mental instability.

  • Robdar

    okey dokey then.

  • WTWizard

    It will be another false promise. True, the world is going to experience trouble. There could be a total collapse of the dollar, a major credit crunch, or even a total economic depression similar to parts of Europe in the 1920s. We could well have an epidemic of H5N1 flu, or something like SARS. Famine could easily happen, due to the government's STUPID idea of using corn to supply ethanol for fuel.

    However, the Washtowel Slaveholdery is not the answer. People in that organization are going to fare much worse than those outside. They will not have college, and many jobs are going to be off limits. And they waste so much gas (or ethanol) out in field circus, that they are bound to be poorer than the average worldly person. If there is an epidemic, they will be exposed at the doors, and their wretched diets, poor sleep, and stress will leave them wide open.

    Yet they are hawking it as signs of the Great Tribulation. Another lie. It is possible that there will be tribulation. But nothing such as the world has never seen (remember the First Dark Ages). They will be hounding people to go back (which is likely to include physically forcing certain ones back). However, the real source is a few rulers that want to protect the oil, drug, and food companies and their profits. So they force the masses on the stupidest path they can while telling them that it is the best for them.

    There is only one answer. The dishonest leaders (the worst of which are unelected) have to go. We need to allow the free market back, with zero regulations from the government (all regulations should be from the competition). Tax dollars need to be focused on protection of the people from initiatory force, not on the "greater causes". The Fed has to go. And there has to be an aggressively enforced rule that no person or organization is allowed to initiate the use of force, threat of force, or fraud against another person or their property under penalty of defensive force and/or ostracism. Let that system get in place, and most of the coming calamity can be avoided altogether. And what we still get will be mild and short lived, followed by prosperity and peace which is actually unprecedented.

    And the Tower will come down.

  • undercover

    I'm a little shaky on my Watchtower history, but it seems like I remember hearing that Russell was pretty good at keeping up with current events and he listened to the warnings that the world was heading to chaos (WW1) and used the fretting of these troubles brewing to stir up interest in his prophecies.

    And this has been the modus operandi of the Society ever since. When ever trouble looms on the horizon, then it has to mean that Armageddon is at hand and all followers of Jehovah have to get their shit together...now!

    And as the economic woes of the US worsen and energy costs impact the entire world, the Society will pounce on the oppurtunity to instill yet more fear into their followers.

    I think that's one reason why the Society likes to keep their followers as ignorant as possible on world events and current events and how politics impacts major events. Keep them ignorant so they ony believe what they're told from the platform.

  • Seeker4

    So, on June 1st we will all know if we have just been listening to another false prophet - or not.

    Wall Street will collapse in May, eh? That's pretty specific prophecy. If it doesn't happen will you come back on here and 'fess up that you're a false prophet and don't know shit about what you're talking about?!

    If you're right, I'll become an ardent supporter.

    My money is not on Winnower!

    We need to remember this thread and make sure it doesn't disappear.


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