So how will YOU spend your extra free evening?

by hamsterbait 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • hamsterbait

    Reading the Witchtower?


    Just Chilling?

    How many here REALLY believe that single people will just stay home and study?

    How many famblies will move their "Fambly Worship" to that night?

    If they start guilting everbody out to go out on field circus, then we will know it was all lies about the gas.


  • WTWizard

    I am willing to bet that they will start hounding people to spend that extra "free(??)" evening out in field circus. And the witlesses won't even see it as meaning the gas issue was a lie in the first place.

    And it will be like missing a boasting session if you are not out in field circus that evening. More people are home trying to relax. And thus more opportunities to scam people into the cancer. I hope they all have their computers on, ready to pounce on it as soon as they get the Washtowel in their home, to cross-reference articles of interest. (Of course, it also cuts back on the number of trips to Starbucks per hour while out in field circus during the evening.)

    As for me, it is just like Christmas used to be while I was a cockroach-witless. Just another day.

  • Mary

    Well hamster, I was going to PM you to see if you wanted to go out in Field Skervice with me on those evenings.

  • lesterd

    What I want to know is how is the borg going to monitor what you study? Are they coming out with an outline to keep the sheep from devouring ole light, how are they going to control minds with out structured, overseen meetings? Sounds like an apostate had a hand in this arrangement, trying to free minds for a lillte Bible expolration, a dangerous thing for the WT.

  • NestleBoy

    I doubt they will really start emphasize going out in field service for the "free" Tuesday evening -- except maybe for the pioneers.
    They will stick with the extra personal studying.

    I mean it is a Tuesday night, for most people that's a workday. To be honest I will probably end up watching more TV.


  • mouthy

    I predict. That there will be more babies made on that night off. To keep the count up... Watch the next few WT ( 15th of the month ,though to JWS only) they will be telling how to love your wife with a FULL Quiver...
    Cant get at em at the doors , make em in the bed,....

  • yknot

    Well I will have been gone for 6 months but I hope those I leave behind....

    * Get comfortable enough to not want to be bothered by such a long meeting like the new arrangement.

    * Actually read the Bible

    * Develope a love of family stronger then the organization

    * Give the children a chance to go to sleep at a normal time.

    Realistically they will be watching TV

  • hamsterbait

    Mary, My sugarloaf blueberrypie armful of perfumed Woman-ness:

    I can't see that we two knocking on doors and presenting the evidence of the FALSEHOOD of the Witchtower will be any more welcome.

    people will just say "who cares?"


  • momzcrazy

    If this had happened while I was a child at home, we would have had a family study for maybe a month. Then we would all have done our own thing, in seperate areas of the house.

    If it happened while I was in as a mom, we would have slept in (ours was on Saturdays) and had a big breakfast, then gone bowling or something, anything not "spiritual". I would have so relieved to not drag kids to meeting I would have cried!


  • Casper

    I've been out for 10 years, so doesn't effect me in the least but, if still in.... No doubt would have been "Movie" night or something fun...


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