Anyone else called an apostate for knowing the new info early?

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  • bronzefist

    I was called an apostate because I knew the "new arrangement" before it was announced. This is so funny because this change DIRECTLY affects how the local elders were screwing me over. PM me if you're interested in details.


  • juni

    Personally,. I feel you should be ashamed of yourself!

  • Satanus

    That'll teach ya, for running ahead of god's careening earthly chariot like org. You are supposed to run along behind it, and eat dust w gratefulness, like all the other droids.


  • Layla33

    If I was in, I wouldn't let anyone know I knew the information.

  • bronzefist

    I really really really am Lady J.......but you know all the info about my situation. You naughty girl!!!


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, BF:

    From another thread:

    Some forty years ago, when conducting a foreign language book study, I was aware of a somewhat significant change in WT doctrine. That "new light," already shining forth in the revised LIFE EVERLASTING IN FREEDOM OF THE SONS OF GOD, would not appear in our particular foreign language revision for six months hence.

    Impetuous fool that I was, I announced at book study that certain night that what we were reading in our version was "incorrect."

    Wrong move on my part ...

    CoCo Crucified

  • bronzefist

    Layla I'm WAY past being afraid of the elders.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Of course I wasn't called an apostate.

    Jesus revealed this to me secretly in advance as proof that I'm anointed.

    B the X... and soon to me another Mrs. Jesus Christ in heavenly glory ... NOT !

  • cinnamon1642

    My Mom had mentioned they heard rumors in their town that bookstudy was being completely eliminated. I told her I heard it was being consolidated - this is last week. Today when the announcement was read (she is up north 300 miles from here) she emails me totally freaking out how I know all this stuff ahead of time, all the time and upset how it's always right. She's p.o.'d that I always seem to find out this confidential information first and that it's right - even though she already knew something about it.

    Our elders though announced last Sunday that there would be a big announcement this week (they wern't suppossed to do that) and they mentioned it at bookstudy yesterday as well. Not as bad as in my Father in Law's congregation, they read the wrong letter at the bookstudy. They were to read the letter with convention reminders 3 times (Sunday, service meeting, and bookstudy) and instead of reading that one the PO read the letter about the bookstudy arrangement. This was on Tuesday the 22nd.Then I guess there PO called everyone in the group and said that he read the wrong letter and not to tell anyone cuz no one is to know!

  • yknot

    In my made me cool.

    Secrets announcments beyond college are a bit silly....

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