I am fed up with "Where else would I/We Go?"

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  • Terry

    For one thousand five hundred years, people who thought of themselves as Christians had only the one Church Universal (Catholic).

    Then, along came the weird and feisty monk, Luther. The monopoly was broken.

    Luther declared that a faithful Christian only needed the bible alone. (Sola Scriptura). God could now deal with humans on a one to one basis rather than lumping them into monolithic bodies of ritual and orthodoxy.

    The True Christian, acccording to Luther, was saved from judgement by the sacrifice of Jesus and would be dealt with according to how the individual Christian dealt with others.

    In view of the above, what do we see in the world today?

    There is still the Catholic Church with its members saying "The church isn't perfect, but, where else would we go?"

    We have hundreds, if not thousands, of Protestant churches, sects, cults, division, and name brand groups sporting Jesus as their saviour.

    Is there a person in any of these churches who doesn't feel they have the right religion EXCEPT FOR the imperfection of their church of choice?


    Jehovah's Witnesses have the rather depressing belief that ONLY they are correct. In so believing it is a bitter blow whenever their absolute TRUTH takes a blow of error from a doctrine proved wrong or an official act that reflects badly on their ideal.

    In this world and in this life there are only two genuine choices for all of humanity.

    Either you stand alone as a thinking, rational individual, or....

    You go along with a group and let your individuality fade and become swallowed by a crowd.

    I'd rather take my chances by myself. At least, then, I have only myself to blame for circling the drain into oblivion.

    It is intellectual dishonesty to declare yourself bound to those who lie in the name of God, promote false prophecy and declare it "over-eagerness" and to twist honesty into a pig's tail of deception.

    Only a person who cares what is true will separate themselves and take their chances alone with only God to judge them.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I see that plenty of others were ready for this thread. It has had a pretty good response for
    Sunday. We had philosophers and scholars and us common folk on here. I know the
    scripture says "To whom" and not "Where" but I wanted your responses. Thanks all.

  • marmot

    Terry, I believe you're forgetting a little scuffle around 1054 called the great schism. ;)

  • JoyNichols

    Beautifully put, Terry:

    . . . name brand groups sporting Jesus as their saviour . . .

    Only a person who cares what is true will separate themselves and take their chances alone with only God to judge them.

    Nothing else to add to this.

  • WTWizard

    I have found a place outside the Washtowel Slaveholdery. In fact, there are so many other places.

    (1) Start by googling "Society of Secrets" and see what comes up.

    (2) There are other religions within the Christian denomination.

    (3) You can volunteer for the Red Cross or Salvation Army.

    (4) There is the military. Some (like the children) can join the Scouts.

    (5) There are so many clubs and groups that meet for secular purposes.

    (6) Go to college.

    (7) Read the Bible independently, and do what you are moved by it alone to.

    (8) There are ex-witless communities everywhere to join.

    And there are plenty of other places to go. One thing that is certain: Stay in the Washtowel Slaveholdery, and you are going to die stagnant.

  • Terry
    Terry, I believe you're forgetting a little scuffle around 1054 called the great schism. ;)

    I didn't get up until 11:00. I missed it! :)

  • Terry

    If a group is what you crave; one that does a great amount of good, but which doesn't demand you conform...

    How about joining APOSTATES?

    I've spent the last five years making public my views on Jehovah's Witnesses as a cult of coformity. I've used every way I can think of to expose the Watchtower Religion's insensitivity to human need, failure to encourge education and utter lack of empathy for non members.

    This is where I decided to "go" when I left the local Kingdom Hall.

    There is plenty of work to do on friends, spiritual brothers and sisters and family members to aid them to see life as more of an opportunity than just a dismal, boring, repetitious waiting room where frightened weirdos wait for the Armageddon bus to arrive, destination Paradise.

    You can use your brain, personality and personal experience to spread the good news that False Prophets don't need to control your life and make you paranoid by extorting you to sell their feckless publications door to door while imagining you are saving your own hide from an angry God who is keeping stats on your sales totals.

    This is a cheery message, indeed!

  • lrkr

    This idea that every religious person who is not a JW is evil is one of the key ways the borg holds onto power. It was also a key to my eye opening. I remember thinking about Mother Theresa and thinking- wow- JWs believe that she is part of "Babylon the Great" and not worthy of resurrection or any consideration by God- Despite her obvious sincerity, religious devotion and faith. How can she be written off so easily??? When that crack appeared, I began to wonder about others- what about the Dalai Lama?? Not a christian- but he is really trying to do the right thing. WTs answer is "he dies- a false religious leader".

    It started to appear to me that most people who pursue religious devotion as a calling have honest motives. Sure there are the occasional deviants- but all in all, you have to have some kind of faith to pursue a life in a religious order.

    But thats all a side note- your question- "Where else would we go?" demonstrates the dependant personality that develops inside the org. You have to "belong" to something. How about this- I belong to my family and to my community. And if I disagree with them- thats ok too. Why the need to "go" somewhere???

  • minimus

    It's like a sick cancer patient staying with a doctor that recommends Laetrille (sp) because he swears that it's worked for many of his patients. Even if the prognosis isn't looking all that good, the sick person comments that he knows other patients that have died going to other doctors. So he might as well stay with this doctor becomes he actually feels emotionally better and even has better bowel movements now!!!

  • LouBelle

    OTWO - I said exactly that - simply because I didn't know better. But what you said about derailing them is spot on.

    They get caught in a rut and don't really want to search for something more. They quite happy to let other people do the research (albeit incorrect) and get spoonfed than actually putting in any effort.

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