If you hadn't ben a JW how would your life be different??

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  • karter


  • IP_SEC

    It'a benjammin!!!

  • asilentone

    I am sure my life would have been different if I was never a JW, the only way to know how my life would be different is go back to the past and start over, that is not possible. We have to move on!

  • Andersen

    Yes, my life had been very different, both positive and negative. The positive is that I met my wife there, I love her very much, so in this sence I`m glad that I grew up in this evil cult. Other than this it has been mostly bad for me.

  • oompa

    There is a good change I would be married to Pamela Anderson................oompa

  • Samuel Thorsen
    Samuel Thorsen

    I would got more and better education earlier and I belive I would have been a more social and outgoing person.

  • blondie

    In a way being a jw when younger, worked for my benefit. My father was a pedophile and without the restraint of no murder and trying other ways to protect myself (which worked), I would have killed both my parents. I'm glad that my bible understanding prevented that. I would still be in prison.

  • oompa

    Ouch Blondie, but a positive thought.....I think most including me can only see the negative, and there is a lot of it. HOWEVER....if you did the deed young enough and under the right circumstances....for sure you would have been released at 18................sorry about your parents..................oompa

  • blondie

    oompa, even for a "right" reason, it would have scarred me for a long time. I worked with teenagers that had killed their parents and saw what it did to them. I was glad that I found a less violent way to protect myself and my siblings.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I would be a different man. I would have had sex before getting married, no wait I had that when I was 14....

    I would have smoked pot and drank like a fish, no wait I did that too.....

    I would have married the girl I fell in love with in 10th grade, Ya I think I would have. My folks hated her and I was not allowed to even see her. We got together anyways, but between my jw parents and her Roman Catholic parents we were doomed. I am married now to a lovely woman but I still have the other one in my heart.

    Oh, and I would have joined the US Navy, retired from there a couple of years ago and now be in civil service working on a second pension.

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