An absurd theatre.

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  • Andersen

    March 25th 2008 Yesterday I went home to see my best friend from my childhood. We were always together, and when we got older he was the best man at my wedding, and I was his. He lives close to me, but we haven`t had a lot of contact the last 3-4 years. Mostly because I haven`t been active in the congregation. He is a good, calm guy, but I new this visit would be the last. I was welcomed in to his house, and we sat down by the kitchen table. I told him that I was going to leave the organisation, and since I new the "rules of the game", I was coming to say goodbye. We took eachothers hand when I left and I said; " Well, this is it then...", he said; "I guess it is." When I left I knew that we would never speak again, I knew that he would never even as much as nod in my direction if we met at the local food store. It struck me as I sat down in my car on the way home, that it almost felt like I had got cancer and the doctors had given me just a few days to live... The only difference is that in that case they could have visited me in the hospital, and held my hand as I died. This morning I called my brother-in-law for the same reason. Begging him to think twice before cutting me out. For the sake of my three children, and my wife. I mailed a letter to my inlaws, which by the way had said in advance that they would cut all contact if I left. Asking them for the same. March 30th. 2008 It has been a week since I mailed my resignation from the congregation. To sum up; My wifes family has said that they are cutting all contact, even with the knowledge that it destroyes their relationship with their doughter and grandchildren. Of my childhoodfriends only one has said that he still wants to have some contact with me. We will see.... His and his wifes whole families are wittnesses, both the fathers are elders, I fear it will cost him too much. In my family it is my mother, brother ond stepfather that are JW. My mother has said that she can have limited contact with me. I`m not sure I can live with conditional love, so we will see. My brother has been the bigger man here, and have said that this will not affect our relationship at all. He is only 19... My stepdad, who my children sees as their grandfather, has said that he doesn`t want any contact. All this has shown it self worth it. This torture had it`s absolute reward yesterday; My 12 year old doughter, who has been most true to the "truth" of my children, threw away all of her JW-books. She said that if they could do this to her daddy, it couldn`t be true religion. My wife who was beliving just a few weeks ago threw her JW-bible in the resycle-bin. I suggested to burn it, but she said that this way it might get useful for the first time! I grew up in this, but stopped believing 17 years ago, and the last 6 years has been a struggle to get my family out of this evil cult. It has been a marathon, and I have won Olympic gold!

  • Galileo

    Congratulations, my friend, and a heartfelt welcome.

  • wings
    the last 6 years has been a struggle to get my family out of this evil cult. It has been a marathon, and I have won Olympic gold!

    Sorry for all that you have lost. To have your family out.....priceless. I love it. So many here are still in the middle of the struggle.



  • Andersen

    Thank you!

  • mouthy

    Thanks for telling what happened. I am so sorry, but they truly think they are serving GOD!! My daughter told me ( when they kicked me out ) I should be greatful because if I lived in the time of Christ she would have to stone me... Thank God your wife & daughter are with you. Press on! know that "love your enemy's " isnt in the Watchtower teachings!!

    So glad your on board.... ((((((HUGS TO YOU<WIFEY<Daughter)))))))

  • *summer*

    What a beautiful story...a mixed bag of sadness and joy.

    You have lost much in the process:-( But now you know with certainty that those who have chosen to stick with you are true and genuine.

    And this is what "real" christian love is all about.

    And you know what??? You will find new true and genuine friends right here on this forum.


  • nomoreguilt

    Andersen.........My heart goes out to you my friend. Yes, it is an unloving heartless orgaization, isn't it? Just like that....WHOOOOSH they flush you down the drain. Hang in there, life does get better.

    N M G

  • Quandry

    They must do what they must do.

    Were you able to tell your friend anything that you had found out about the WTS on your last visit with him? How about your immediate family? Have you researched and shared with them some of the history of the WTS?

    Stay with us here. We feel for you.

  • Dagney

    Absurd is right. Absurb and cruel. **sigh**

    Congratulations on your escape with your family. The loss is great and the price is dear, but the value of freedom is priceless. Your children will thank you for giving them their freedom to live the life they choose.

    Welcome to JWD and I look forward to your posts along your journey.

  • journey-on

    I believe many are being called out of this false religion right now. Those left in are the ones that follow after the doctrines

    of men rather than the love of God. You had to make a sacrifice to attain real freedom and you are to be commended.

    Unfortunately, those that will shun you think they are earning extra points for treating you like a leper. I believe they are

    the ones that will agonize and suffer in the end when they realize it was all for naught.

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