Gas my A$$

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  • JK666

    Gas prices, a pretty lame excuse for the change by the GB. The CBS was the only glimmer of civility in a JW's life. The monthly "carry in" at mine was really the only feeling of camaraderie that the schedule allowed us. We would have a carry in, and the home BS was only a mile from my house. The family had a billiard table, and we would hang around and play occasionally. It was the only real human interaction within the Borg.

    They are now trying to strip every vestige of humanity from the schedule. According to the upcoming article, "Valueless Things," sex is worthless, entertainment is worthless, fun is worthless. May the GB rot in hell. Satan has a pineapple waiting for them (Little Nicky reference).

    Gas prices have absolutely no bearing on the change. It is control, control, control. We might talk if we get close, OMG! We can't have that, comparing notes will make the house of cards fall. I hope it does!


  • dinah

    Funny you should mention Little Nicky and the pineapple scene. When I watched that movie guess who I pictured in Hitler's role? LOL.

    They are even worse now than they were when I was a teen. The only fun that seems allowable is sitting around singing Kingdom Melodies.

  • JK666


    I have blocked out all thoughts of Kingdom Melodies, and am thinking about the Dead Kennedy's "Nazi Punk's F Off"


  • Finally-Free

    Maybe they're having a hard time finding people who are willing to put up with a BS in their home for any length of time. When I first joined the cult in 1983 there were groups that had been in the same homes for as long as 20 years. By the time I left the oldest BS group in my hall was 3 years old. I had a group in my house for 1 year before I kicked them out.

    People no longer view it as a "priviledge" to have a BS in their home. It's a pain in the ass, and elders sometimes spend many months looking for someone who is willing to have a BS in their house.


  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    You're right - I think gas has absolutely nothing to do with it - it's one giant smokescreen. The REAL REASON, imho, is to hide the name change of the meeting. There was not one meeting that had the word Bible in it, and that will probably be some kind of prerequisite to obtain funding as a religious organization once changes are made to charitable/religious organization funding you have a 'Bible' study in name at least....the top guns couldn't care less about anybody's perceived gas problems, especially since they're counting on you continuing to fork out for the next eight months at least....

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