Gas my A$$

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  • MidwichCuckoo

    Petrol prices here in England are extortionate...£1.15 (up to £1.30) per litre is maybe average....that's £5.23 per gallon...which is $10.38 per gallon.

    I don't believe the Org cares about petrol prices...and one extra (short) journey a week is irrelevant...does this mean Field Service will be 'subsidised', as all Charities that I'M aware of (and I used to work for one), compensates their unpaid volunteers for petrol money....and the WT IS a 'charity'.

    I agree with other posters...this is about control and 'subliminal messages'

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Hello Watchthem

    We burn GAS just to put in hours so no one bugs us about low hours in the FS (with no results), money burned for nothing.

    Yes...maybe that'll be next thing to go...''the preaching work is finished, please donate all money you would have spent on petrol/gas to the Society''....I think I'm on to something, lol.

  • IP_SEC

    Gas prices? alt

    In Africa I heard they walk miles to make a meeting. I think they should make the dubs walk to the hall if they cant afford it! Shows they love hovah and their brothers

  • MidwichCuckoo

    You know what IP_SEC...I remember walking to the Memorial (with a young child in a pushchair) as no one would give me a lift (because I wasn't a regular attender)...I was very young, and lived over a mile from the KH, which was uphill from my house.

  • Priest73

    I thought the 'End' was near?

  • oompa
    IP: In Africa I heard they walk miles to make a meeting. I think they should make the dubs walk to the hall if they cant afford it! Shows they love hovah and their brothers

    I like that it would make more sense if this meeting is actually important to at least double the amount of book studies, making them smaller but within wallking distance of each family.....god knows most dubs could lose a few pounds.

    Oh and Priest, the end is not near... ..............................................................................................................................oompa



    Both the increasing light on Bible prophecy and the anarchy of this dying world cry out that the end of Satan’s system is very, very near!

  • WTWizard

    It isn't gas. I bet they are going to have mandatory field circus on Tuesday evenings (or whenever the book study would have been). As far as I know, it wastes more gas to make a trip to the Kingdumb Hell plus drive around bothering people who are trying to enjoy their dinner or relax, than it does to make just the trip to the Kingdumb Hell.

  • SnakesInTheTower


    $10.38 per gallon

    I really dont complain too much about gas...esp when I hear about what you all pay in UK.

    How the hell do you all afford to drive? Is your minimum (prevailing) wage $10/hr?! Of course, you all have a heck of a lot better public transport than here in the US (most US cities have lousy public transportation systems).

    I would love to park my car. As it is, I am probably going to be forced to quit my job if they continue to make me drive a company truck..a Chevy colorado I think... (which I have to pay for the fuel...15mpg..$120/wk) instead of my personal vehicle (24-40mpg depending on how/where I am driving)

    and that fellow in India is right...the speculators are causing a lot of issues.... I wish that bubble would pop like a nasty zit...messy at first, but less painful once its done..LOL

    Snakes ()

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Hello Snakes ...the minimum wage here, I believe, is £5.52 per hour...which is $10.96..?

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    When we lived in Britain we had 2 kids, pioneers, no money. Walking to the meeting was not a choice. There was no other possibility when you have no money. We would walk home in the snow, late with the kids after my hubby had done his stint on the magazine counter...often last to leave. We didnt complain too much after all we read the yearbooks and ours was a piece of cake compared to our brothers in the Amazon or Africa. We must have been mad...I had over 30 in my flat for the bs and always offered tea or coffee and biscuits or cake even though we had little money. Still it was a highlight for some with nothing else to look forward to. We lived in a slum area inner the meetings were everything in some peoples lives.

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