TURIN SHROUD/ Has anyone found a faith after leaving??

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  • Balsam

    Finding a path of faith in something is not easy. I became an atheist for a while, but found that so devoid and empty for me. I believe in the Divine force in all things that comes from the creators, who ever or what ever they are. I feel no need to worship the divine but feel it and believe in supernatural elements of life. I have been reading Neale Donald Walsh books "Conversations with God 1/2/3' and his other books. I feel that his concept is how I felt all along and its time to be free of control of religious boundaries. I do go to Church, a liberal one simply for friendship and companionship. I love the people there and though they find me a bit left field they accept me and welcome me. Carl Jung the great Psychiatrist had one of the most interesting thoughts on synchronized life, intuition and looking for the divine in our everyday lives.

    Don't worry about the off handed comments here, feel free to find your way spiritually just stay away from cultish religions. Keep balanced and open dispite the way the JW taught, openess is the the key to all that life holds in its hands for you.

    If you need someone to talk to feel free to PM me.


  • mouthy

    Has anyone here found a faith that they believe in as much as they once believed in JWs???

    When I first got kicked out I felt empty!!! thought I'd replaced Judus....would have followed through with killing myself. For two years I felt like that .......

    NOW ? I do believe in Jesus Christ. I am not into religion...( think it causes more problems in the world than any other thing) But I cant see Jesus ,cant hear him, but talk to him !!!!! call me nuts if you will, but I KNOW without a shadow of MY doubt- HE Created all thing bright & beautiful ( as the hymn says)

    I never believed in Miracles,But after Tuesday ( this week) I am! as you all know I lost 3 kids in death lost 1 to the WT( shuns me) gusgus( on this board) my daughter out of the WT..Found a lump in her breast.went to the DR he also found it, went to a specilist, She also found it,mammagram found it...So the operation was set up for Tuesday 10.30.... She was on the operating table with the IV needle in her arm, Specilist came in, felt for the lump!!!! not there! called another DR in NO Where! called Sues( gusgus) hubby in asked him to feel for it.( he said it was MOST embarrasing feeling his wifes breast with Dr & nurses watching!!!!.lol)NO Lump!!!!!So !!!! the DR would not cut !!! said we need to do another mammagram & Ultra sound???? What do you think!!! My pleading prayer answered. I am hoping!!!!

    Why did my other kids die you ask ?????Only God knows I dont.....

  • real one
    real one

    Mouthy, I am so happy for you and your daughter! May God continue to show you grace.

  • mouthy

    Thank you real one

  • BFD

    Mouthy that certainly sounds like a modern miracle to me. I am so happy for you both!

    BFD Mouthy&Gusgus

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Turin Shroud? I believe it was DaVinci's image.

  • Spectrum

    Yeah, myself, common sense and faith in myself and the realisation that I will die so make the most of a good decent life NOW.

  • Quirky1

    Religion and spirituality no longer exists within me.

    I just enjoy nature and the scientific aspect of it.

    Family, freinds are all that is essential.


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