Do good works by JWs count for anything?

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  • greenhornet

    What good works? the insurance fraud after Katrina? umm,no. As already mentioned, spreading the false gospel is considered a sin by some. What is this Katrina insurance fraud? GH

  • BizzyBee


    Let's cut to the chase - do you mean count for anything with God? Good question. Hopefully, doing good works is reward in itself. Otherwise, JWs are in no better position than any other religious adherents.

  • Hortensia

    No one is keeping track. No one (god, that is) is counting. What you are asking is how can we keep ourselves from feeling as though we wasted our lives, once we wake up to the fraud that is the WTBTS. We were just living day by day, doing the best we could. At the time we believed it; now we don't. We could have wasted our time in all sorts of ways and have the same regrets. I'm not sure I'm making myself very clear.

  • greendawn

    I can understand that the WTS is a highly manipulative and exploitative organisation and that their gospel is false above all the banning of most dubs from being members of the body of christ which really destroys their entire prospect for as long as they believe in that lie.

    But as Hortensia hinted what about ex JWs like us when we were doing that preaching really believing that it was the god approved thing to do? What if god would justify the deceived R&F but of course not the leadership who knew all along that this was a deception? Especially if the JWs moved out as soon as they realised what the real game was that they were victims and being used to victimise others?

  • carla

    Are they willing victims? In this day of information you cannot claim victimization when the information is clearly available to all. Fear, sometimes sheer laziness, loss of family, those are all other reasons for staying in but not victim. The word victim produces images of one who had no choice. A jw who truly loved God would be more interested in real truth no matter the cost. Some may start out that way but then become comfortable with their status or the quest for it to care about God and His truth. Even those who know about the false teachings, abuses, etc... and still choose to do nothing have made a decision, that is their decision. Lack of action in itself is a decision.

    As for 'good works' here is a favorite quote of mine- True acts of Christianity reveals itself in quiet acts of mercy and goodness that no one sees or applauds---but God. (forgot to cite where orignal quote was from, sorry to the author. Maybe CS Lewis?)

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I was visited by the elders when my service time dropped off to zero. I explained that besides having to work full time, the rest of my time was taken up in the care of my elderly JW mother who was wheelchair confined and suffering from severe Alzheimers. The elder kindly explained that that was all well and good, but that I should remember that there are people out in the territory who have "no hope." We need to be calling on those people. It was hard to keep from smacking that guy in the face. I should have said, "Well both my father and mother sit in their living room day after day 'hoping' that somebody from the congregation will stop by and visit."

    That visit clinched my exit from the Borg.

  • sf

    Ifthey did any of those so-called good works out of true altruism rather than for the prize, then perhaps. Yet we all know that is and has never been the case with this fraudulent organiation that exhorts deadly policies.


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I would also like to know more about the insurance fraud after Katrina?! Mickey.


    Join our Religion..All Praise..Or Die!..Coffin............Spiritual Extortion can never be justified...................Clint Eastwood...OUTLAW

  • kzjw

    I don't reply often, so maybe this will be profound...LOL! My wife (16 yr JW) does good works when she's not in FS...helping an older woman who can't drive by taking her to the store, walking with her brother(legally blind), etc. I can't stand the field service part of her life, but like a lot of JW's I've met she's basically a good person. Surely she may gain some credit for those deeds...

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