Witness ENJOY Being "Persecuted"!

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  • minimus

    That's the conclusion I've reached.

    I see persons who love being martyrs by going to the Kingdom Hall and not being able to literally breathe because they are allergic to perfumes and colognes, and they cough, their eyes water and they actually cry that NO ONE CARES about their plight-----but they still go and are "faithful" meeting attenders yet bitch and moan to anyone that will hear them.

    Then you get those that are handicapped and it's a huge deal to get into a car to go out in service and they cry that nobody really cares about them.

    When an elder doesn't pick a person to comment, that martyr will dutifully go to the meetings, say the conductor doesn't like him/her and pray to Jehovah for the strength to endure.

    I swar, JWs LOVE feeling persecuted!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hi Mini:

    I was so upset when JW friends were chatting away about expected persecution resulting from the RELIGION tract, that I did a thread called "Persecution Begins on Monday." It was October 2006, I believe.

    Their glee put me into a downward spiral as I was anticipating my own survivor's guilt [I had already quit the KH]. They all planned on being maimed or dead, I suppose ...

    CoCo No Martyr

  • avishai

    What, you're just figgering that out now?

  • minimus

    Avi, I'm just expressing what's obvious to me.

    COCO, these people LOVE the idea of being persecuted. They might not even know exactly why they're experiencing issues, but it strangely makes them feel good, better about themselves.

  • mind my own
    mind my own

    I second your opinion Minimus!!


  • Anti-Christ

    I think the older you get the worst it becomes. I believe it becomes a part of there identity, a way for them to feel loved by god. I look at my mother in-law and she loves to "whip" herself. She his 60+ and she takes care of older sick JW, they live in her home and she is married to an alcoholic that is extremely verbally abusive.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    Of course they do!! Isn't persecution the ultimate proof that you're doing the right thing?

  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It

    It's not just the mundane things you mention. It's institutional. My dad used to have the Persecution outline. He used to try to tone down the martyrdom a bit but there was no extracting it. If the government says "boo" that could be construed as mistreatment of JWs then its a clear sign of the end and Jehovah approves of the faithful stand. I think so many want thier own personal Holocaust, Gulag, Malawi/Mozambique (god, I got tired of hearing about them as a kid).

    I agree with your observation about little things. Y'know we all need to be more like that African sister who carried her meeting clothes on her head through the croc-infested rivers.


    -- Not Sweating It

  • Quirky1

    Psychologically obsessive suppressive.


  • greendawn

    They do have a persecution complex that's why I am always careful not to say things they will regard as persecution even though they persecute mercilessly ex JWs with their shunning policy at least in some countries.

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