Indigo Children

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  • myelaine

    Does anyone see a brightness in some people and not in others...I don't want to say it, but sometimes I see people that really look...dead!

    I can talk to them and still nothing...nothing permeates their...gloom.

    love michelle

  • Leolaia

    journey-on....I can remember when I was in kindergarten and soooo loved the concept that GREEN means "GO!" It was so natural because the letter "g" was green. I mean, duh! Didn't work so well with red meaning "STOP!" tho, since that was the wrong color. I also loved how real-life objects corresponded to letters in both shape and sound. "C" is light yellow, just like the "c"rescent moon which is shaped like a "c" and is light yellow. "T" is dark reddish brown, just like a "t"elephone pole which is shaped like a "t" and is dark brown. I can think of many more examples like this.

    Same thing with music. Once I heard a song by Metallica from the "Kill 'Em All" album for the first time (forgot which one it was), and I saw it all unspool like a tapestry in front of me -- all the notes and beats and licks and riffs together. Usually tho it is only color, shapes, and texture from the timbre of the instruments -- the interactions between the pitch and timbre (as well as the lyrics and the titles of the song) can lead to some unpredictable results. And unlike static letters and numbers, music always has the colors and shapes in motion -- constantly changing and moving around. I like listening to music backwards sometimes because it alters the shape and textures of the sounds.

  • FlyingHighNow
    ‘Mine is a universe of black “Is” and pink “Wednesdays”, numbers that climb skywards and a roller-coaster shaped year’ is one description, reported by Motluk (1997).

    I don't know if I have synaesthesia, but the year stretches out in front of me kind of like a roller coaster with ups and downs. And my life line stretches out in front of me in a similar fashion. I need to read more about this. I have all kinds of perceptions that I don't think most other people have. And I always feel like I am dreaming.

  • changeling

    My son ( a college freshman) has a class with a girl who "tastes color". She says green tastes like poop, so my son never wears green to that class.


  • Hortensia

    well, this is a really interesting thread. I appreciate learning about this. I think the indigo children thing is a new age way of saying your child is special - and more special than others. I have heard a lot of new age nonsense over the years! But the synesthesia - that is quite interesting because I never knew what to think about people who see or say they see auras. I always wondered if there was something to it, because I see a little something myself. I see dark patches on people's faces - I can see the dark patch and the face, if you see what I mean. I always associate the dark patch, black spot, which is irregular and a flat grayish black - with serious illness or with some other serious problem. One of my teachers had a dark patch for years and then it resolved. I always thought he had cancer that went away. I also always thought I was being ridiculous, but since I wasn't telling anyone about it, it didn't matter. It must be kind of fun to see things in all that variety!

  • wednesday

    I was watching a program regarding this last week. The also talked about "crystal" children.

    I see aura's .

    I think some of what we call mystical and psychic now is persons at a higher level of human development.

    I have "something " where years that are ending with 0- ie, 1980 , become days of the week, ie 1980=Sunday. I think this may be a form of

    ordinal linguistic personification, . , or number form synesthesia,

  • wednesday


  • zensim

    Funnily enough, the concept of Indigo Children was very instrumental in aiding me leaving the dubs all those years back.

    I came across an ad for the movie and, just from that little blurb, I immediately thought "That is me" and then in the next moment "that is my children". That was then :)

    I learned a lot from the concept and, even though I don't subscribe to it anymore (was only deeply interested in it for about a year) I feel that it was so outside the realm of what I believed as a witness, and introduced me to many trains of thought that dubs would consider 'demonic', that it really helped open my mind to learning from everything and anything. I believe there is an element of truth in most things.

    It really helped me to understand that everyone has different filters for how they see the world and, for some people, those filters are quite different and very literal - as evidenced by many of the people on this thread who have now shared in openness their experiences with colour, taste etc.

    It was also through Indigo children concept that I realised how sensitive children are and gained a much deeper understanding of the dynamics of energy. I also discovered that my eldest daughter sees colours around others according to their emotions. I don't see this by any means. However, it has been a useful understanding for me in helping her distinguish between her own emotions and others - in the past she was prone to constant stomach aches from internalising other people's 'stuff'.

    Like everything though, and as Terry so rationally pointed out, taking up residence in any belief system such as this is a great avoidance strategy for facing reality. After experiencing life as a witness and the whole "we are the chosen people" never sitting well with me, I am very sceptical of anything that smacks of separation. To me Indigo children parents (and I have met quite a few) are the New Age version of parents who put their children in talent/beauty pageants!

    To FlyingHighNow:

    "And I always feel like I am dreaming."

    Yep, that's how I feel also. Always have ... and I used to feel that there was something wrong with me. In learning to become more present to life, to accept and welcome all that is, that feeling has grown stronger. In realising this illusory thing we call 'life' I have actually become integrated and now walk consciously through the dream. There is a lucidness here which is so startling in its clarity, encompassing both the dream and the real.

    You might enjoy this:

  • wednesday

    I just followed the link from above post

    I want to say to anyone reading this thread

    listen to this . It is so heartfelt, and passionate and inspiring, and reality . It s worth the time and may just alter your reality.

    thanks so much for the best link I've seen in some time.

  • BabaYaga

    Zensim, that was very cool. Thank you.

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